The Boyfriend’s Morning Routine | Pt.1

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Fully aware that I can only share the female perspective on things… thought it was worth getting Leo’s input for a male inspired morning routine. Now, having obsessed over his hair for as long as he can remember, and then having dated me for 18 months, his morning routine is pretty lengthy, but hope you enjoy part one of a little series from my better half; the skincare routine.

I’ve been promising to do this for a while, but it’s finally time for me to bite the bullet and start writing. Being the boyfriend of a makeup, fashion and lifestyle blogger has its perks, including the occasional free product thrown my way in the form of any moisturiser with the word “anti-ageing” in the tittle. It feels like over the course of this relationship my morning routine has slowly grown and now there are set stages I follow on work mornings and weekends.

My work day routine starts like most men with a shave and shower. In my case I wear my stubble short (1.5mm) and trim it daily to keep it neat. Stubble, beard or clean shaven, I’m a firm believer in “looking smart to think smart”.

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After this I hop in the shower, and it is here the expansion of my morning routine begins. Like most, I use a shampoo and a body wash. I currently use Head and Shoulders “For Men” with caffeine- costs the same as other head and shoulders on 3 for £10 deal, and whilst I may not be balding, the extra help can’t hurt! The body wash is Fenjal Classic Creme Body Wash, a slightly scented moisturising body wash. Honestly, I’m fine with most barely scented or unscented body washes so long as I don’t have to spend the day smelling floral or like a fruit salad. However, as a note some body washes can dry out skin especially with daily hot showers, and a moisturising body wash helps prevent this.

The first addition is a facial scrub; No 7 Energising Facial Scrub (Sensitive) is honestly a revelation. I prefer face scrubs to washes due to the gritty, invigorating feeling in the morning helping me wake up, plus the grit helps exfoliate and clean the follicles of my beard after trimming. No 7, whilst pricier than other alternatives, was the first I tried and it lasts forever.

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After the shower and putting in my contact lenses, the next and most extensive change to my daily routine begins, namely moisturising. Whilst I don’t moisturise my body (I rely on the body wash to cover that), I now have a full facial moisturising routine. It starts with No 7 Energising Eye Roll On (sensitive daily use). I picked this product to try on a whim after running out of another eye cream, and it quickly became a firm favourite. The grab and go approach of this really appeals, no need to use hands or fingers to massage it in, the applicator does the work. The added caffeine gives a slight lift to your morning mood if tired and the cream works wonders on eye bags, after a long late night. An alternative I’ve used for eyes and deep lines is Elemis ProCollagen Face Cream, which has a deep moisturising effect on my skin. If I’ve had a poor nights sleep, this cream is sure to take care of any deeper lines on my face.

The second stage of my moisturising routine involves a curiously named product – stubble moisturiser; which absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue. I’ll admit, I was an instant convert. My first foray into this area was Nivea Sensitive Beard and Stubble Moisturiser. This small pot certainly hit the mark, and I used it once every 2 days product absorbed readily and I found I only needed half a depression on the pump to provide enough. However, when I started to use it in daily application I found it soon ran out. Seeking an alternative I tried both No 7 Beard and Stubble Moisturiser and Bulldog Beard and Stubble Moisturiser.

Leo Skincare

As you may have gathered I have become a fan of No 7 products in general, but surprisingly enough I was a little let down by this product. It was by far the most expensive of the three even when bought on an offer, yet it’s performance left much to be desired. Enter Bulldog. Value for money wise, this is by far the biggest container, providing 100ml of product. It rapidly absorbed, leaving skin smooth, beard looking sharp and no residue. I use it daily but never get a greasy feeling on my face for it and I find it perfect after using my gritty facial scrub.

And that’s it folks, tune in next week for part two – feel like one of those tv presenters!! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be sure to poke him next time I see him for the answers!

Katie x

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