Liquid Lipsticks | Makeup Declutter 18/19

Liquid Lipsticks Before

I love liquid lipsticks, they really took over from standard lipsticks a few years back and I feel like they’ve continued to hold the top spot ever since! However, I really do have waaaay too many. Especially as you can see they’re pretty much all the same colour….


Tanya Burr Lip Gloss | While these aren’t terrible, lip glosses just really aren’t my thing. So they have to be a good formula for me to love them…

NYX Mini Liquid Lipsticks | I had one or two of these I actually completely finished up, and so there are just a few straggler ons now, and I never find myself reaching for them

L’Oreal Matte Lipstick Les Chocolates | I hate these. The smell isn’t nice, the colour is waaaay too cool toned and I find they dry and crack on my lips. Don’t get the hype of these whatsoever

Rimmel Stay Satin Liquid Lipsticks | While I actually don’t mind the formula of these, I’m not the biggest fan of the colours….

before (16)

Barry M Matte Liquid Lipsticks | I really don’t remember what I thought of these. I’ve just had them sooo long that I feel like it’s time to let them go

L’Oreal Matte Lip Paint| I used to have pretty much the entire range of these, and bit by bit I’ve decluttered them. I decided today was the final one and it was time to call it a day


Nip + Fab Liquid Lipsticks | I actually really love these lipsticks, they can be a tad drying, but they’re very matte, very pigmented and the colours are gorgeous

Tanya Burr Liquid Lipstick in Martha Moo | I kept this more for the colour than the formula. The colour is gorgeous and the packaging is even nicer. I’m yet to really give it the road test, but looking forward to it

GOSH Liquid Matte Lipsticks | These are probably the thickest formula of the bunch here. In fact, they are actually a little sticky… however, the colours are stunning!

Ciate Liquid Lipstick | I love this! The colour is gorgeous and the formula is amazing. When this finishes I’m definitely going to look into getting the bigger one!

Stila Liquid Lipsticks | Love these! Pigmented, easy to apply, comfy to wear, super long lasting. Honestly? I’d say the best Liquid Lipstick out there!

Liquid Lipsticks After

Bourjois Liquid Lipstick | This formula is much lighter than anything else on here. It’s almost mousse like. Plus a beautiful Jude shade. However, I do find they edge of the side of patchy…

Max Factor Lip Lacquer (in Chocolate Nectar) | Probably one of my most used lipsticks of all time, this is my go to everyday Liquid lip. It’s glossy, comfy and surprisingly long lasting!

Contour Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick | Still very new to me, I still need to give these more of a go before I decide whether to part ways or not. But the colour is pretty and the packaging is gorgeous

HUDA Liquid Lipsticks | Still really yet to give this a go, but it smells gorgeous!

What’s your favourite liquid lipstick formula?

Katie x

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  1. I love the cheap ones from Victorias Secret! They are so hydrating and wear like an expensive brand but costs like…five bucks?

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