Blushers | Makeup Declutter 18/19

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Blush is one of those categories where I’ve always had a million of them (I know that’s an exaggeration), but I only ever use about 2 of them (that’s not an exaggeration). So, I feel like this is definitely a category I can whittle down. I’m also hoping, with a much smaller and more digestible collection, I’ll use it a lot more… we’ll see I guess!


Rimmel Maxi Blushes | These are good blushes, but like I’ll be saying with most of this declutter, I just had TOO many blushes considering it’s the category I don’t always wear

Barry M Blush Palette | This one survived the last declutter, because of how much I enjoyed the shades in here. However, it really is just a palette I never use! And one where I have all those shades in other areas

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Bourjois Blushes | This made me sad, because I really do like these blushes. The packaging is sweet, the formula is pretty good and the colours are super pretty. Needs must… I just have too many

Bourjois Sorbet Blushes | Now here is one I’m not that sad to see the back off. They’re not bad so much as they don’t really work for what I need.

Anika Loose Blush | I’d had this forever, saying I was going to try it… and then just never did. And there’s no point keeping hold of something you never use!

Collection Speedy Blush | Another one of those products I love, but never use! Shock really… I feel like I should abbreviate that sentence to AOOTPILBNU…!

Karl Largerfeld Blush | This is more shimmer than blush, worked nicely as a blush topper, but it wasn’t really versatile enough for me

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L’Oreal Infallible Blush Palettes | I love these! The formula of these blushes are very good, and between these two palettes you pretty much have every shade you’d ever need (meaning I shouldn’t really be keeping anything else… but hoarder and all)

Model Co Blush in Cosmopolitan | I always remember the name of this colour for some reason. But it really is gorgeous! It’s my go to everyday blush shade

NARS Orgasm Blush | Love it! These is a super pretty healthy blush that I LOVE in the summer

Rimmel Royal Blush Cream Blusher | The one cream blush that survived. I do love using a cream blush sometimes for that super non-powdered look (if you know what I mean!)

Benefit Galifornia Blush | I’m actually yet to try this, I got it in a beauty subscription box, and just haven’t got round to it. However, it is a super pretty blush and so I can’t wait to try it!

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L’Oreal Life’s a Peach Blush | Hands down the most universally flattering shade of blush – especially out of the selection I have here! And it also has a beautiful formula. Overall a great blush!

Rimmel Kate Moss Blush Palette | I love the blush, bronzer and highlighter version of this palette and the blush in there was beautiful. So, when she released the blush version, I knew I wanted to try it. And I’ve been really impressed!

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Pixi By Petra Blush | Can’t remember the shade range of this, but it really is a beautiful everyday blush shade (even more so than my Model Co blush!)

Hanukkah Blush | One from the beauty boxes which has survived the declutter! I’m yet to really get my hands in this and give it a go, but it’s a beautiful shade and I felt like I should give one of them a chance!

What’s your favourite blush?

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