Single Eyeshadows | Makeup Declutter 18/19

Single Eyeshadow Before

I mean, strictly speaking this is mini palettes, duos and single shadows. But that would be a ridiculous blog post title. So I decided to just call this single eyeshadows. Anyhow, I have a lot of these, and don’t actually use a good chunk of them. So definitely time to try it!


Collection Glam Crystals Palette | I actually don’t like these palettes. I find they’re not that pigmented, and it’s just a shame because they’re so afforable!

Two Eyeshadow Quads | Slightly embarassing, I decluttered these and now I can’t remember the names of them. They’re the two small, circular eyeshadow quads (one is strictly speaking a trio) that I got in beauty boxes and have just never used!

Trifle Cosmetics Palette | This palette isn’t necessarily bad. In fact, I actually think it was pretty decent. I’m just never going to use it. It’s a palette full of shimmers, and a lot of them are a kind of dirty undertone and not my thing!

Single Eyeshadow Before 1

Too Faced Chocolate Chip Palette | This is such a shame, because I’ve heard such good things about the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes. But this one is a bit… naff I have to say!

Tanya Burr Loose Pigment | This is just something I’ll never use so I couldn’t see the point in keeping hold of

Illamasqua Eyeshadow Palette In Look Fantastic | These eyeshadows are GORGEOUS, they’re just shades I never ever use, so I thought it was a good idea to pass this on

Body Shop Quad | This is one of those make your own palettes from the Body Shop. They’re good quality shadows, I just never ever find myself reaching for this. So I thought it was time I said goodbye!

L’Oreal La Petite Palettes | Another item that’s actually pretty good, I just never reach for…

before (9)


GOSH Eyeshadow Palettes (Not pictured) | The To Enjoy in New York palette is hands down one of my favourite palettes of all time! However, I have to say I do love GOSH makeup. It’s such an under-rated brand. And I’d love to try even more from the range and share with you some of their real highlights!

Mask Loose Pigment in Gold Rush | I don’t use this often, but when I do there’s nothing that matches it. It’s the most stunning yellow gold pigment and it’s absolutely stunning! Maybe I’ll rock it out on New Years!

HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette | These eyeshadows are next level! They’re gorgeous, pigmented, easy to blend and all the colours are right up my street!

Single After 1

H&M Single Eyeshadow | These eyeshadows are pretty much the only single eyeshadows I keep around. The packaging is adorable, the formula is pretty good, and I think H&M makeup is actually pretty good!

Max Factor Smokey Eyes in Gold | If you love a good shimmery gold eye look, you’ll love this! You might be able to tell from the photo (you might not – not sure), but I’ve really put a big dip in this palette!

NARS Isolde | I know they’ve repackaged these, but I also don’t really care. These eyeshadows are GORGEOUS. I bought this off the recommendation of Zoella and I’ve never looked back!

Single Eyeshadows After

Ella Eden Pigment | One of those pigments I do use all the time, this is gorgeous!

Miss Sporty Quad in Brown Eyes | One of the only two eyeshadows I’ve ever hit pan on… I just LOVE this! Such a great everyday eye look for like £2.99!

Max Factor Rose Nudes Palette (not pictured) | Another firm favourite, this is a great one for the everyday pinky toned eye look. Which is so feminine and classy! Love it!

What’s your favourite single eyeshadow/mini palette?

Katie x

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