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Bronzer Before

Bronzer is that category I struggled with for so long and then found SO many favourites in super short time. However, there were still products in here I knew I could declutter, and no human being needs 15 bronzers for one face, so I knew it was time I culled this down!



MUA Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit | While this is not a bad product, I received it in a beauty box and the matte shade is way too dark for my skin tone and the shimmery shade doesn’t actually show up on me

Freedom Bronzed | While I actually think this isn’t bad, the Freedom brand has been discontinued and so I would never be able to talk about it. And as I don’t LOVE it, we may as well part ways

H&M Bronzing Powder | I couldn’t actually tell you if I liked this or not. I’ve had this product for a million years and never ever used it. So if it’s even in date anymore (do bronzers even go off?!) I’m obviously not going to use it!

Nude by Nature Loose Bronzer | I’ve always liked the thought of a loose bronzer, however, I really don’t use this and so there’s no point hanging on it

No.7 Mozaic Bronzer | I used to love this back in the day, however I’ve since discovered bronzers I prefer more!

Maybelline Contour Pencil | Me and this pencil really don’t get on, as silly as it sounds, I really hate the fact you have to sharpen it!

Bronzer Before 1


NYX 3 Steps to Sculpt | The bronzer and powder in here are amazing! Not so keen on the highlighter, but the other two products in this set are gorgeous!

Sleek 2 Contour Kit | I really haven’t had a chance to try out this product, so I decided to keep to give it a go

Lariza Contouring Stick | This is one of those rare gems to receive in a beauty box and fall in love with! It’s such a good cream contour for people like me – the ones who can’t contour!

Body Shop Honey Bronzer | This is one of my favourite bronzers ever! The colour, the formula, the packaging, everything about this is perfect!

Bronzer After

Benefit Hoola Bronzer | This is such a cult classic I’d probably keep it for that alone, however it is actually a product that deserves the hype it has. I only have the mini, because I’ve only ever finished one bronzer in my life (the Max Factor Creme Bronzer in Light Gold), but if I ever did finish this, I would repurchase

Collection Contouring Stick | This is the product that made me fall in love with contouring. It’s so easy and fool proof, there’s literally no way to overboard with this, that it helped me learn how to do it without making my face too muddy!

Smashbox Contour Kit | I only really use one shade out of this palette, but that shade alone is a reason to keep this! It’s a beautiful formula!

L’Oreal Back to Bronze | One of the best bronzers available in the drugstore, would highly recommend!

What bronzer is your favourite?

Katie x

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  1. That’s a lot of bronzers haha. Oh my goodness, the Body Shop bronzer is absolutely amazing! I love the formula of the Benefit Hula Bronzer, I just wish it came in a slightly darker shade.

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