Lip Gloss | Makeup Declutter 18/19

Lipglosses Before

Lip glosses are that category I’m terrible at! I’m really not one for lip glosses (and I’ve chucked in here lip toppers) and so it’s not surprising I got rid of so many of these! Once again, with lipsticks, I’m going to organise by formula as opposed to colours – because I don’t want to be here for years. The shades I wear all the time pop up in my lipsticks of the month!


Barry M Lip Topper | While the formula of these are not necessarily bad, they just really aren’t my thing and so I never wear them

L’Oreal Chromatic Lip Topper | This formula is… well… terrible. On first application they’re beautiful, but then they dry and go all flakey and gritty on the lips. Really not my thing!

NYX Powder Puff | These are actually really nice, but the only colour I wear is the red one… hence why I decluttered the other three shades and only kept the one!

before (13)

I Heart Makeup Lava Lips | This is that stereotypical cheap and takey lip gloss… so… not surprisingly I got rid of it!

Lottie Glitter Switch Lipstick | This is actually a really lovely idea.. but I just never wore it. So I couldn’t see the point in keeping it

Revlon Plumping Lip Gloss | I had such high hopes for this, however I found the colour pay off just not good enough. There are lip gloss formulas out there I prefer, hence why I got rid of them

Revlon Colour Changing Lip Powder | These were a cool idea, and I have to say they did work. However, you did get a slightly weird powdery finish and I really just didn’t ever know when I would ever us this!

L’Oreal Lip Oil | So I kept the red (as it goes really nicely with the NYX Powder Puff), however the other two shades just don’t have any colour payoff, and I’m not the kind of person to wear a clear lip oil…

Lipgloss After


Lipcote Lip Sealer | This is a weird thing. It seals lipsticks and makes them a little less kiss proof. But it doesn’t half feel alcoholic on the lips…

Trifle Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Jam | I actually love this! It’s a really nice light lip colour! Feels super hydrating AND it doubles up as a cheek product!

PIXI Lip Gloss | One, this just looks super cute! And two, this is actually a really nice clear lip gloss! Love this to go over a matte lipstick

Model Co Lip Gloss | I’ve had this a while, and it’s always been my go to gloss, hence why there is no way I’d get rid of this!

What are your go to lip gloss products?

Katie x

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  1. Oooh another vote for the Model Co Lip gloss! I used to love it but I destashed it way back when I was really into the matte trend. I love that it has that little mirror, more products should do it really! X

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