Mascara | Makeup Declutter 18/19

Mascara Before

I have so many mascaras now that I don’t really feel that strongly about.. mainly because I’ve finished all of my favourite mascaras recently and haven’t got round to repurchasing them, but also because I’ve had a lot of them for reviews… and haven’t been all that impressed!


Collection Volumising Mascara | I just found this a little underwhelming. Considering it was meant to be a volumising mascara. And there are just others out there I prefer (which is going to be the gist of these dclutters)

Lottie Curlboss | Another one that was just a little underwhelming. Plus, I’m more into my volumising than curling mascaras

Bourjois EyeCatching | AAAAnd again. I find the problem with this is that they tried to be too different with the wand and it just didn’t work

before (7)

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara | Mascara is one thing I feel Rimmel just don’t do well…

Primark False Lash Effect | I mean…. this is not a false lash effect mascara

Essence I Love Extreme | This wasn’t actually a bad mascara, I just wasn’t ever using it


Benefit Bad Girl Bang Mascara | This is definitely not my favourite of the Benefit mascaras, but they do them all so well that this is still a really good mascara! Super volumising!

Benefit Roller Lash | So this is my favourite Benefit mascara. I know I said I’m more into volume than curling, but this is honestly a really good all round mascara – it curls, defines, lengthens and volumises. This is my magic product

Mascara After

Pur Fully Charged Mascara | This is a new mascara I’m yet to try. And as it’s only a mini, though it was worth keeping hold of

L’Oreal Ultimate Lash Mascara | Ditto as the above, I’m still formulating my final thoughts on this – so far: love the formula, not so keep on the packaging

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara | I actually LOVE this as a lower lash mascara! Weird, but it lengthens and thickens without being too much for the lower lash!

What are your favourite mascaras?

Katie x

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