Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes | Makeup Declutter 18/19

Eyeshadow Drugstore Before

Eyeshadow is that category I really have issues with! I own a hundred and one palettes and I really LOVE so many of them they’re really hard to cut down. However, I knew how ridiculous this was, and so I feel like I did a pretty decent job if you ask me! Not that I’m bias or anything!


L’Oreal Cherry my Cheri | While I like this palette, they’re not colours I’m likely to use often, and so thought there was no reason really to keep it

Revolution Fortunes the Brave Palette | I’ve had this palette for like 2 years now and barely used it… so I feel like it’s about time I part ways. I always keep hold of it because it has some really unusual shades in it… but I just don’t use it!

Sleek Palettes | There’s just something about these palettes. The formula is amazing, but there’s something about the colour layouts that means I always forget to use them

Eyeshadow Drugstore Before 1

MUA/Revolution Palettes | For their price points, these are actually pretty good palettes, however so many of them are the same as each other, and when choosing between the high end and drugstore, I’m obviously going to chose the cheaper end, and so I just thought I needed to be rid of them.

I Heart Revolution Mermaid Hearts Palette | The colours in this palette are gorgeous, but I’m just never going to wear them and so it’s about time I let it go

Nip + Fab Palettes | Theres one of these palettes I love (the warm neutral one – shock), but they’re on the whole a little meh. So many colours come out the same colour and so many of them just aren’t pigmented…

NYX Mochi Palette | This is so glittery that it ends up all over my face…

Barry M Crown Jewels Palette | I actually love this palette, however there’s nothing remotely individual about this palette and so there are some others I use over it


Revolution Pro Palette | I kept this because I just haven’t got round to trying it yet, however the colour layout of this palette feels so high end and classy!

eyeshadow drugstore

GOSH To Enjoy in New York & To Rock Down Under | I LOVE these palettes so much! One in purple, one in warm neutral, they’re stunning! And the packaging is so classy!

MUA Palette in Burning Ember | I keep this palette because not only is it super affordable, but it has also the eyeshadow colours in it you need!

Rimmel Magnif-Eyes Spice Palette | Normally I’m not a fan of the Rimmel eyeshadows, and I’ve had and decluttered like 2 of them in the past, however this one knocks the rest of them out of the park – it’s just so good!

Elf Matte Palette | I love this palette! I’m starting to really love a matte eye look and this one is one of the classics!

Barry M Fall In Love Palette | It makes me sad that no one speaks about the Barry M palettes. They’re so good.. the packaging is a bit questionable, but the formula is soo good!

Eyeshadow Drugstore After 1

Nip + Fab Palette in Fired up | Definitely my favourite of the 4 palettes, this is a stunning palette! The colours are gorgeous and the formula is this one is somehow better than the others!

NYX Ultimate Palette | This is a gorgeous palette! Full of all your classic warm toned neutrals, this is such an iconic palette!

Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette in Rose Nude | I actually love this for a pink toned eyeshadow look!

Revolution x Soph Extra Spice Palette | This is one of the best affordable palettes out there! It has your neutrals, your pops of colour, your mattes, your shimmers. It is THE PERFECT beginner palette!

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