Face Palettes | Makeup Declutter 18/19

Face Palette Before

I LOVE a good face palette, the way you can have multiple things in one palette saves so much space when travelling – not that I ever go anywhere interesting. However, I do have WAY to many, so time to cut these down


Revolution Blush Palette | This is actually such a beautiful blush palette, they’re pigmented, easy to blend and the packaging is gorgeous. I just have WAY to many blushes

Revolution Radiance Palette | Another palette full of gorgeous products – these three highlighters are amazing – I mean look at them, they look a little like records! However, a girl with too many highlighters, I really don’t use this enough and so I decided to get rid of it

Revolution Contour Kit in Fair | I used to LOVE this, it was my go to… but that was years ago, and I’ve found so many things I love more, and so it just gets ignored. Therefore I decided to declutter

Face Palettes Before 1

Revolution Concealer Palette | I really don’t use these things, I find them greasy and they come across a little yellow. So was definitely time to declutter

Revolution Cream Contour KitIt is just a coincidence all the things I’m getting rid of are Revolution… but these pan style cream things really aren’t my cup of tea, so I haven’t even used this

before (4)


Sleek Contour Kit | This kind of has its own cult following, because the packaging is sleek (see what I did there) and the product is amazing. The bronzer in these palette is the perfect shade!

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue | I don’t actually use this anywhere near as much as I should because the colours edge on the cool side, however, I keep this because it’s one of the very few things I own that has some cooler toned shades in..

Face Palette After

Revlon Sculpt + Highlight | Revlon is such an under-appreciated brand in the drugstore, and yet it has some incredible products. This being one of them, the contour shade in this palette is GORGEOUS!

Rimmel Kate Moss Palette | It is no surprise I decided to keep this palette, it’s one of my go to travelling items and one of those rare items where everything in the palette is really good!

Revlon Sunlit Dream | Similar to the other Revlon palette, no one talks about this, but it’s actually really good! More on the natural, wet side of things, this highlighter is gorgeous

Face Palettes After 1

Charlotte Tilbury Face in a Palette | I would have to be stupid to get rid of this. Without doubt my most used ‘face palette’, this is a perfect all in one, has all the powder things you’d need to shape your entire face all in one palette, the pan sizes are fiarly small, but the product is amazing!

I began with 12 palettes and cut down to 6 – exactly half – so I don’t think that’s bad!

What’s your favourite face palette?

Katie x

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