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Makeup Collection

This is kind of the beginning (and also kind of the end) of a series I’m going to have here on my blog over the next few months. As I’m moving at the beginning of next year (have I said that yet..!) I thought it was about time I declutter my makeup and downsize it so it’s easier to transport across London.

Makeup Collection 1

This is kind of a sneak peak, as this is the end result. But thought it was worth sharing with you how I organise and store my makeup! It’s pretty much the same as before, but culled down I’ve been able to fit all into one space.

Makeup Collection 4

The acrylic drawers with the lipsticks in are from Amazon, come in sets of 3, and costed somewhere around the mark of £12. And the other acrylic drawers are from Primark, come in sets of 2, and are only £4 a pop. I store my makeup brushes in pots I’ve picked up from charity shops and my foundations and face palettes in tuppleware boxes. It’s a very DIY method of makeup storage, but it really works for me!

Makeup Collection 3

These drawers really work for me as they really divide things up and organise things out making things so much easier to find. However, I do feel I need some deeper drawers… which I might get hold of in the future! (They sell them in Primark for £10!)

Makeup Collection 2

I’ve then stacked up my eyeshadow palettes on the left here. They are rather crammed in, but I know exactly which palette is which by looking at the top of the palettes and so it doesn’t really matter. But, fingers crossed, I’ll have more space to really spread this out in the new place!

Makeup Collection 5

So, keep an eye out on my blog over the next few months for declutters, because this collection is about half the size it used to be!

I think the photos speak for themselves

Katie x

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  1. I actually got myself a set from primark, but I might change it into a smaller one and use the big one on my desk! But most of my makeup is on my vanity drawer.

    Wishing you all the best,

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