1500 Followers & Blog Update

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So today (which is Sunday, the day before I’m posting this) is kind of a big day. It’s not necessarily big in the grand scheme of things, but they’re major milestones for me. Today I reached 1500 followers on my blog and 400 on my Instagram. Both goals I have been so close to for such a long time but just never reached!

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I’m in the process of looking to move (yup, I know, super exciting) meaning I’m going to be sharing a lot more organisational content, a long awaited ‘room tour’, wishlists (while I can’t buy things) alongside my usual content of new reviews! But hopefully with a new space I’ll have more light and versatility to take better photos. I’ve really struggled in this place with lighting and so I’m looking forward to where this new place will let me go with my blog!

I’m really looking to make more of all of my platforms and really continue to grow my little space here on the internet.

Here’s to another 1500!

Katie x

8 thoughts on “1500 Followers & Blog Update

    1. I’m by no way an expert, but the things I’ve found work are;
      1. Don’t underestimate a schedule, when I stick to one is when I see the most growth. Be that one post every Monday or everyday at 4pm
      2. Don’t underestimate Bloglovin and social media, I get a lot of views through bloglovin and instagram
      3. Engage with other bloggers – be that replying to comments, liking other people’s blog posts, commenting or following. Your blog with thrive in being part of the community
      4. Photography isn’t everything but make sure your photos are as bright and attractive as possible
      5. Find your style. Write in a way that’s true to you and you’re comfortable with. That way it’ll come across well and be consistent which means people will know what to expect

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