Some Of The Best Boots Ever?!

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I’ve been using Just Fab to buy my shoes for quite some time! They’re not always the cheapest on the market ever, but I find they’re good value for money, true to size, and true to the photo on the website. And, one thing I think the website does really well… is boots! Pretty much all my boots come from New Look or Just Fab and I really do feel like Just Fab does some really unique, beautiful and statement boots as well as your classic ones you want all the time.

For those of you who don’t know, Just Fab is £35 a month and you get a ‘free’ pair of shoes every month – but you can skip months if you’re not feeling it. Also, worth saying, this post is NOT sponsored… just love their boots.

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Autumn Daze Lace-Up Bootie | I feel like I’m going to say these about all of these, but don’t you think these are absolutely stunning! They’re a lace up, high heeled, round-pointed black boot with a suede finish and they are sexy as f**k! Despite being a super high heel, I find them really comfortable and haven’t had a single blister from these. It’s kinda annoying that you have to completely lace them up every time you wear them… but they really do look good. They elongate your leg and they make me feel like a kickass woman who has her s**t together!

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Marguerite Bootie | You know how I said Just Fab do such great unusual boots? Yeah? Well this is what I mean. I’ve never seen anything like this, but they’re absolutely stunning! Somehow, despite these heels are shorter than the boots above, I don’t find these quite as comfortable.. but I also couldn’t care less.. because people really do notice these boots when I wear them!

JustFab 5

Roxane Bootie | After the boot above, it’s also worth saying, Just Fab can also do a classic Boot! These are almost like a Chelsea boot, but are somehow a little classier. I absolutely love the shade of grey, the round toe and the fact the zips are on the back. The heel is much lower and these boots are super super comfortable!


Eliana Block Heel Bootie | Another classic, but a staple! I love the shade of burgundy of these boots, I love how they have a black heel and a black sole. I love how they’re a suede finish… I basically just LOVE these boots. Super comfortable, super easy, I feel like these are your go to Autumn shoe!

Have you ever purchased anything from Just Fab before?

Katie x

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  1. The black lace up boots and the grey pair look like perfect wardrobe staples! I find boot buying can be difficult if you have short ankles :/

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