Evening Chats | Life Update, Living in London & Working in the Arts

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So, as you all probably know: 1. I live in London and 2. I work in the Arts. I feel like that’s pretty much all you have to know about me to know everything you need to know! However, I thought as I haven’t posted today I would share a few things that have recently happened in my life, my thoughts on living in London and my job update!

So August for me has been and will continue to be a super exciting month! On the 1st I started a new job, more about that later, on the first full week I went on holiday to Bournemouth, more about that too, and with the bank holiday weekend looming I’m heading back to the countryside to breath in some fresh air – you get the idea!

On the 4 August I jumped on a bus from Victoria Bus Station and travelled down to Bournemouth for a much needed break! Having spent 3 years studying in Southampton I’m fairly familiar with the area, and it was rather nostalgic to travel over to the New Forest and see signs for Hampshire! It was a super relaxing holiday and I had a much needed break.

Holidays are important, remember to take them!

I finished like 5 books while I was away, and I’m going to have a 10 books I’ve finished recently post coming soon, I also picked up a few great items while I was away (see the last post) and I generally had an amazing time!


After 13 months working in the very niche world of Classical Music PR and having one of the most exciting years of my life, I decided to leave it behind and head off to an Arts Marketing Agency! It’s a bigger team, more support, higher wage (cheeky!) and some super exciting opportunities.

Working in the Arts is no breeze in the park. You often have to do more than you have time to, take on more responsibility than you feel like you’re ready for and you really do have to think on your feet and be constantly creative. And the salaries just aren’t as impressive as your mates who work in Finance or Engineering or some other swanky job and your work days are loooong.

However, it’s so rewarding! You spend everyday engrossed in something you feel really passionate about. You get to be creative. You get to be stuck in. And you get to experience so many thing you never thought was possible: award evenings, launch events, press nights, shows, free CDs, you name it! Plus, you get many glasses of free wine… just saying!

I’m very fortunate that I live in London, not only because it’s one of the greatest cities in the world, but also because there is just so much culture and it’s easier to find work in the Arts!

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So I moved into my little Notting Hill flat back in January. My rent is so much more than all my friends who live pretty much anywhere else, and I literally get a room. I share my flat with three other people met through Spare Room and I really do have to keep an eye on money.

But it is possible.

I leave my house to the vibrancy of Portabello Road, Notting Hill streets and Westfield London, Holland Park and Hyde Park are just down the road and anywhere in London is literally a tube ride away (if the tube lines are open!). I can now get to work in 35 minutes as opposed to the 2 hours commute. I have the world on my doorstep.

And public transport is still a novice to me

I grew up in the countryside, in a tiny little village within the commuter belt of London. I’m used to a little corner shop, a bus service once a month,¬†endless fields, and your only social companion being your brother. I try to get back as much as possible because sometimes you just crave a little bit of oxygen! Home will always be something super special to me!

However, London is just as lonely as a tiny little village, if somewhat more lonely. At least at home I have family and people I’ve grown up with my entire life. In a sleepy village everyone speaks to everyone and everyone knows everyone. People in London are always on the move, they’re not exactly rude or unsociable, they just have places to be.

I’ve been feeling much better since moving job and actually having colleagues in the office with me (it makes a difference!), but I find going to events with like-minded people to you (for example I go to YPIA events for Young People in the Arts & I’ve joined a choir) even for a small cost make the world of difference!

Overall, the last three weeks have been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better start to August!

Katie x

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