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So, as you may or may not know, I went to Bournemouth last week for a sneaky Summer holiday! It was exactly what the doctor ordered, with beach days, coffee shop trips, lay ins, lots of reading and some cheeky shopping trips!

I feel like it was the holiday of books, having bought 4 books and finished 4 books.There are lots of sweet book shops around there as well as your standard WHSmiths and Waterstones, and after finishing the book I brought with me, I decided I needed to buy some more… just didn’t realise I was going to buy 4.

Lee Child – Echo Burning | I feel like the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child are a great easy Summer read and I’m slowly working my way through the series. This was the book that completely escaped my grasp and I had to buy at full price in Waterstones (tend to pick these books up in Charity books). A good read with a twist you don’t quite expect, it’s just a Summer basic

Vampire Diaries – Books 1-4 These are divided into two books, but I thought I would pick them up after LOVING the TV series which I have been missing from my screen. The story and characters have been altered from the book to the screen, and I think I definitely favour the TV programme, however, if you like a stereotypical Vampire series… then go ahead!

Peter James – Perfect People | I picked this up hugely reduced in WHSmiths because it sounded really intriguing. Set in a kind of not so distant dystopian future, a couple design their perfect child by altering which genes gets passed on… however, things don’t quite go to plan. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s a really fascinating, slightly dark book

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Next up is clothing, basically I did a classic Brit thing and packed for a British Summer holiday that never happens (one without rain… or cold). And, so after arriving I really needed to pick up a jumper. In doing so, I picked up a couple of things from New Look that I am just completely in love with!

Cameo Rose Mustard Tie Front Midi Dress £19.99 | I am so into this mustard/yellow colour it’s unreal! This dress is gorgeous! It shows a little bit of boob without being over the top, and despite usually avoiding a full length dress like this, it’s somehow super flattering. I love how it really comes in at your waist and this dress is such a good price. (I’m a size 10 and picked up a Small and it fits super snug)

Mustard Button Front Corduroy Pinafore Dress £22.99 | More mustard! I’ve been craving a corduroy pinafore dress for ages! I had my heart set on a burgundy one, however, when I saw this in New Look I knew it was just me! I love pairing this with a jumper or a little short sleeved white top, meaning it’s perfect for all seasons!

Off White Check Knitted Jumper £24.99 | And here is the jumper I needed. I’m actually really lacking an off-white jumper (all my jumpers are weirdly colourful) and I love the casual fit of this. It also looks really sweet under the pinafore dress!

Pink Corduroy Slip On Trainers £12.00 | My wardrobe is full of ankle boots and sandals and nothin inbetween. So, I felt like I wanted another option of footwear for when the weather gets a bit cooler. And these shoes are just adorable! Plus they’re super comfy! Also, is it just me? Or are you super excited to wear socks?!

White Cable Frill Trim Socks £2.99 | I don’t know why, but I’ve been wanting a pair of these socks for AGES! They look really sweet and I love the whole super sweet vibe to it!

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The last category of items I picked up while I was away was beauty things! I had to stock up on a few items while I was away (I can always share the stuff I brought with me if you like?!).

Sure Cotton Dry Anti-Perspirant Bit dull, but I needed some.. and it was on offer… so…

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Basically I got super burnt on the Monday and so I ran out of the moisturiser I brought with me and needed to pick some more up. I’ve actually never tried Vaseline skincare and this feels super moisturising but also light and with aloe vera in it, I thought it would be a great option to repair my skin after sunburn!

Superdrug Naturall Radiant Glycolic Acid Daily Cleansing Pad | I’ve been using the Nip + Fab pads for nearly 2 years now and I LOVE them! However, on full price they’re not the cheapest, and these Superdrug ones are super cheap! On first impressions, they’re a lot dryer than the Nip + Fab ones, but I’ll continue using them and let you know!

And that’s everything! Hope you enjoyed seeing everything I picked up while away in Bournemouth! And yes, the rain held off pretty much the entire week (it only really rained on the last day)!

Katie x


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