New | Soph Revolution Extra Spice Palette

Soph Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review
Soph Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review

So Soph created a second palette with Revolution.. I feel like the last one only came out like a few months back. But I am in no way complaining because this one seems right up my street! The palette is called Extra Spice with the idea that its a little extra spice in people’s lives with some neutrals and crazy pops of colour all in the same palette.

Soph Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review

The palette is £10 – the same as her previous eyeshadow palette – and contains 18 eyeshadows (0.8g each) which are both matte and shimmers and cross over from your super warm neutrals to your fiery reds to your ice blue silver (which does seem a little random in this palette, but let’s put this aside). The packaging is the reverse of her last one; a rose gold palette with Soph x written in a sort of salmon colour. The palette comes with a super huge and GREAT mirror and overall the packaging is pretty good and sturdy and I have no complaints here

Soph Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review

These eyeshadow colours are right up my street! In now way shape or form is this completely revolutionary (haha Revolution) in its colour combo, but I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong in that because there some shades in here that really catch my eye:

Vitamin C – a stunning yellow eyeshadow with a kind of mustard undertone. This is stunning and one of the very few yellows I’ve tried which actually packs a punch

Cookie Dough – a very classic shade that I feel like all palettes need for the crease

Mulled Wine – this burgundy/purple shade is just beautiful!

Twenty One – go back 5 years and you would never have seen a red in a palette. I’ve heard it’s because they’re difficult to get right, but this one is gorgeous!

Reputation – OMG this super dark navy colour is gorgeous!

Romance – my favourite shimmer in the palette this is your classic rusty burgundy!

Soph Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review

The pigment on theses shadows is actually super impressive! I’m actually more impressed with the mattes than the shimmers, which is rare. As with all the Revolution palettes there are a few shades in here that are a bit… meh (like Infinity – the silvery-blue), but this palette comes across better than most with pretty much every shadow looking stunning!

The eyeshadows blend out really well and work really well both with and without an eyeshadow primer. I found they didn’t crease on me (although I have to admit, it’s not an issue I really suffer with) and they last really well throughout the day!

Soph Revolution Extra Spice Palette Swatches

There is quite a lot of kickup in the pan.. however, as long as you tap off your brush there is no fall out on your face (apart from with Reputation where, with it being such a dark shadow, you do get a little bit). The shimmers work well with a brush, but really pop when applied with your finger, or with setting spray and the mattes are literally my fav!

Soph Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review

Overall I literally love this palette! The shades are so me, the price is so right, the packaging is so adorable and the formula is so good! A lot of so’s there! I filmed a video over on my YouTube channel with three looks created from this palette and I am literally obsessed with all of them! Really enjoying this palette!

Have you tried this? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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  1. I really want to try some of Soph’s makeup range with Revolution as it just looks and sounds so lovely! Those swatches are gorgeous xx

    Lauren |

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