Makeup Wishlist | July 2018

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So who doesn’t love shopping? I literally have the biggest addiction ever… and I curb the addiction by scrolling through BeautyBay and making a wishlist of all the things I would buy if I was made of money… as my mother taught my at a young age, money does not grow on trees… unfortunately we don’t live in a game of Sims 2 (who else remembers those money trees!).

Here are all the things I have my eye on…

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Voyager Palette£12.00 – The Zoeva Cocoa Blends palette is literally one of my all time favourite palettes. The shade substitute for love is about to hit pan. And I feel like this palette has all my favourites from the palette in a mini palette… except from the black. I really would miss the black (well more like grey).

Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag Eyeshadow Palette£42.00 – I feel like this is pretty much the launch of the Summer and I really really really want to try it! I mean, who wouldn’t it’s stunning… just very expensive!

Zoeva Screen Queen Lip Crayon£10.00 – Everything I’ve tried by Zoeva has been stunningly beautiful and well priced. And these crayons looks great!

Milani Prime Protect SPF 30 Face Primer£15.00 – A primer and SPF 30 all in one… I’m a super lazy person, and if there’s something that merges two products into one, I’m definitely going to be all over that… so, there’s the reason for that!

Morphe 8L Sculpt & Shimmer Lo-Fi £28.00 – I know a lot of people who live by this palette and it looks stunning! The only reason I probably wouldn’t actually buy, is I feel like there would be a lot of shades in this that wouldn’t get any use…

Cover FX High Performance Setting Spray £23.00 – I’ve so gotten into setting sprays this year and I really want to try some of those cult favourites and I feel like this is just one of them! I will definitely pick this up at some point!

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist | £15.00 – Ditto like above. I feel like not many people talk about this, but I feel like Morphe is such a great brand it’s probably a secret gem!

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Brush 9 Small Flat Shader£5.00 – This just looks like it would be amazing for inner corner highlight and applying hightlighter to under the brow bone! It’s basically a super small and defined flat shade brush and I don’t feel like I have anything like it!

Zoeva Voyager Travel Brush Set £22.00 – Literally LOVE my Zoeva eye brushes and would so love to extend my collection… so I always eye up pretty much all of their brush sets!

What’s on your wish list this month?

Katie x

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  1. I have been dying to try the Life’s A Drag Palette by Lunar Beauty, as well! By the way, Morphe sells the Life’s A Drag Palette and you can use your favorite beauty influencer’s code to save 10% and you get free shipping when you spend over $60! Just wanted to let you know so you can save some money if you do end up buying it! Great post, too! 🙂 XO!

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