New | NYX I Love You Mochi Palette Sleek and Chic

NYX I love you Mochi Palette

So we all know I have a serious eyeshadow problem.. they’re literally that makeup product I just can’t declutter down and I own a hundred and one of… but here I go getting more of them to review over here.. makes me feel better I guess. One of the latest brands to come out with an eyeshadow palette is NYX with their I Love You Mochi palettes. Available in two different colour ways I have the Sleek and Chic palette.

The palettes are ยฃ18 each, and so not cheap, and come with 10 super shimmery shades. The packaging is fairly basic and doesn’t come with a mirror.

NYX I Love you Mochi Palette 1

Described as unbelievably bouncy, the palette is inspired by the marshmallow-like Japanese treat – mochi – the eyeshadows are beyond buttery and into a weird kind of gel consistency; you can literally squash them. The Sleek & Chick palette has a beautiful range of peach-toned neutrals with a few pops of colour. The other palette Electric Pastels is much more rainbow and vibrant. Overall I’m not mad at the shade selection, it does leave me a wanting a nice matte, but then again that’s not what this palette is about, so I can’t really blame it.

NYX I Love You Mochi Palette 3

However, the formula… oh the formula is so not my thing! These are glitters more than they are eyeshadows. I find they don’t have any real back pigment to them and so a lot of them come out on the eye the same shade. They basically look like slightly tinted glitter. If you apply with your finger or a wet brush though, you can get a bit of colour to it, but it’s not as vibrant and pigmented as you would want. And then if you don’t use a good glitter primer, all that glitter ends up down your face.

NYX I Love You Mochi Palette 2

Overall, this palette isn’t dreadful, but for ยฃ18 there are SO MANY better options out there! Some of the shades are very pretty and I could find myself getting into, but I have a lot of them in other palettes where the formula is better.

I do have to say though, the texture of these eyeshadows is very fun, because you can very nearly squish them.. however you have no real reason to

NYX I Love You Mochi Palette 4

Overall, not something I would recommend. However, have you tried this palette? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

10 thoughts on “New | NYX I Love You Mochi Palette Sleek and Chic

  1. Oh no! It’s such a shame when a product doesn’t work out. The shades are so lovely though so it’s completely disappointing the formula sucked. I have a few single shadows and a palette from NYX, they’re good quality, so maybe this is such a bad product x

    Lauren |


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