New | Bourjois EyeCATching Eyeliner

Bourjois Eyecatching Eyeliner

I used to live in a cat eye flick, it was my go to and almost signature makeup look. However, in recently months I’ve kind of left it to the wayside, but I do often go back to it. Bourjois have a black liquid eyeliner that I do love and so when I saw they’d launched a knew one very cleverly named the eye CATching eyeliner, I was all over it. Get it? CAT ching, cat eye…

At £6.99 it’s pretty much the same price as every other eyeliner in the drugstore and so the price is very much right. The packaging is just a simple black pencil shape with gold writing and the nib is a really unusual shape. It has a flat side on… one side, and then it comes to a tip at the end. The idea being, you stamp the wing on with the side and then fill in the rest with the tip at the end. I have to be honest, I really don’t get on with these stamp applicators, I find I just can’t get them to work that I would rather it just be a normal tip applicator. However, this one does work for people who want either, because it does come to a very nice fine tip at the end.

Bourjois Eyecatching Eyeliner 2

However, the problem with this eyeliner, at least with the one I tried, is that it isn’t jet black. It kind of comes out as a wishy washy grey colour… There are so many eyeliners in the drugstore that are completely black, including their other palette(!), that I feel like it can’t really be excused!

So overall, for me this is a miss… there are so many eyeliners out there in the drugstore which are far nicer and easier to use!

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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