Most Read Blog Posts | June 2018

Nip + Fab Eye Palette

This month I went over to a new upload schedule, only posting Monday-Friday, and I have to say it’s really working for me! It’s nice to not have to worry about it at the weekend and be able to take some time off and go somewhere at the weekend and not worry about it! And, honestly, it’s not affected my figures much, so it was a good move all round!

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So, on the first working day of the month, I thought I would share with you, like I always have, my most viewed blog posts of June… that means we are now over half way through the year! Crazy right?

I’m going to continue by blog stats update; on the 1st June I had 1345 subscribers and now I have 1386 of you! Viewership figures have gone back up this month, jumping from 2869 to 3839, which is reassuring considering I’ve cut back to 5 posts a week (as opposed to everyday). And with YouTube, I’ve actually managed to go from 477 subscribers to 485 which is awesome.. very close to the big 500! So overall, it’s been a good month!

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