My Favourite Fragrance of All Time!

Michael Kors

I’m not usually much of a fragrance person. With a not particularly strong sense of smell, they kind of seem like a lot of money for not an awful lot of gain. However, as you know, I worked at Superdrug for a year.. about a year ago, and I spent a lot of time standing by the fragrance counter. And with a lot of spare time on my hand (its slow sometimes on that counter) and staff discount, and superdrug discounts and all manner of savings, I decided to invest in a new fragrance; The Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer

Now that was nearly 15 months ago.

Since that point, I have finished the bottle I bought, and repurchased another (although sadly not with staff discount).

That makes this the one and only fragrance I have every finished and repurchased. So, I feel like that’s love. It’s a jasmine, vanilla and wood smell, and so has that sort of grown up sweetness to it… in fact, it is very sweet. The scent lasts a good while on the skin, as it is an eau de parfum, but it’s in no way the most longest lasting scent of all time. It’s also a beautifully soft scent, so while it is very sweet, it’s not overpowering.

Plus, the bottle is adorable!

Michael Kors 1

The size bottle I have is the 30ml from Superdrug, which I only picked up the other day, but can’t see online. However, the 50ml bottle is £43 from Fragrance Direct. Meaning it’s expensive.. but not heart breakingly so

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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