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I feel like cream eyeshadows are all the rage right now, with brands coming out with them left, right and centre! The next brand to jump on the bandwagon is Bourjois. A brand favourite to me for the base products (despite shocking shade ranges) and lip products, their eyeshadows have always left something to be desired. However, some of the colours are gorgeous, and at £6.99 they’re reasonably priced.

Bourjois Eyeshadow 2

The packaging is classic of that of Bourjois. They’re pretty much identical to their liquid lipsticks. However, I like the consistency with the brand and it’s so clearly them. Plus, they’re elegant, simple, and it just works. The applicator is a standard dofer applicator.

Bourjois Eyeshadows 3

The formula is beautifully pigmented when first applied. If you can apply directly and accurately these are beautiful. They’re pigmented, they’re shimmery, they’re fairly long lasting, they crease a little, but it’s fairly unnoticeable and overall they’re super pretty.

The problem comes when you want to blend. If you blend this cream shadow out with a brush or your finger tip (something I would definitely want to do with cream shadow as I want to blend things out and not just have a solid block on the eye), it goes patchy. And I don’t mean like slightly patchy where it’s slightly inconvenient. I mean patchy where it looks horrible and you just want to cover it up!

Bourjois Eyeshadows 1

I mean I can work with it by applying the eyeshadow, blending out, and then covering up the patchyness with an eyeshadow. But then you might as well just use the eyeshadow on its own..


There are currently 6 shades in the range, with some super pretty neutrals, golds and pinks and then randomly two greys…

Swatched (from left to right): 04 Abracada’brown, 06 Drive me grey-zy, 05 Lala’vande, 03 Mauve your body, 02 Oh de roses!, 01 Beige-seller

Bourjois Eyeshadow

Overall, these are fine. But I would not recommend. I think the L’Oreal Eyepaints are much better and easier to work with, and they come in both shimmer and matte colours.

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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