Spend Free April? How Did It Go?!

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For those of you who don’t know, I promised to myself I would have a spend free month, taking note of every expense I made, and avoiding buying makeup, clothes, eating out, all the usual expenses I rack up.

I mean, I failed. I booked a holiday for crying out loud! However, it was fascinating to see just how much I spend where in my life!

First thing to note, April was a really hard month to attempt this! I didn’t have WiFi at home for over two weeks! Meaning I spent a lot of time in coffee shops using their WiFi, I also paid for BT Hotspots for the second week. It also made me pretty grumpy, which is actually when I spend more! Overall, it was a pretty spendy week in that department.

However, here are my expenses for the month:


So, with my income being as low as it is… I managed to save all of £24 this month…. wow…. haha! However, it was not a wasted exercise. It made me realise just how much I actually spend on food a month! It doesn’t look like much when you see it on mobile banking (£2 here, £3.15 there), but by golly does it all add up! Also, my monthly outgoings are ridiculous, with my phone, various insurances, Netflix, Amazon, etc.etc…. wow

So, not entirely successful, but very useful!

Katie x

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