Most Read Blog Posts | April 18

April Lipsticks of the Month

Another month down! Where is this year going?! Anyway, slight life crisis aside, I’m here again with my monthly round up. Sharing with you my most read blog posts of the month! It’s been a REALLY hard month this month… I had so much drama it’s unreal and I had no WiFi for 15 days.. which is ridiculous. I still managed to keep everything going, but it was at like half speed, which kind of explains why viewing figures are down. But, we’ll see what happens in May!

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1. New | L’Oreal Primer Shots

I’m going to continue by blog stats update; on the 1st April I had 1270 subscribers, and one month on, I have 1320 subscribers! My page views have actually gone down from 3862 to 3492. However, I’m not at all worried, it’s just been such a horrible month to keep everything going. I still managed to post everyday in April.. and I really have no idea how I managed it! I was writing blog posts on the London Underground WiFi, finding coffee shops, sneaking a few minutes at work to upload photos… it was just mental! And with YouTube, I’ve actually managed to go from 447 subscribers to 463 which is awesome! Overall, despite everything, it’s been an ok month!

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