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So, in the UK we’ve had a sun… and a lot of it, and it almost feels like we’ve completely skipped a season. But, Spring does come first, and it will cool down. So, I thought I would select some of my Spring favs on the Romwe website, and share them with you!

White V Back Butterfly Print Flare Dress | £12.00 £48.00

This dress is adorable! With a bow tie back, it is the perfect option for all those Summer parties, where it’s that perfect posh, but not ball gown, look!

Allover Strawberry Print Frayed Dot Tee | £6.00 £17.00

This is a very personal thing. When I was really young (like 5) I had a strawberry dress that I LOVED, and when I grew out of it, I legit cried. I feel like I’ve surpassed the age where it’s acceptable to wear a strawberry dress.. however, a strawberry top is ok though? Right?

Yellow Cold Shoulder Appliques Top£6.50 £22.50

Being a “one size fits all” top… I’m slightly dubious. However, if you are one of the lucky sizes who this will fit, I can imagine it will be such a sweet top that will work perfectly in the Summer and can be worn with mom jeans in the Spring! So cute!

Off Shoulder Single Breasted Blouse | £10.50 £30.00

I feel like I would be the coolest kid in the office wearing this (I mean, there’s only basically me in the office.. but you know what I mean). It’s that super trendy and slightly edgy office wear look and I LOVE it!

Rolled Cuffed Denim Shorts | £8.00 £23.50

I feel like denim shorts really aren’t anything new, but these shorts are GORGEOUS. I love the way they’re just a simple short, but high waisted, they don’t look too short, they’re what shorts should be.

Turtleneck Ribbed Knit Sweater | £6.00 £17.00

Another one of those annoying “one size fits all” tops, however I find these thin long sleeve tops the PERFECT transitional item, because they cover you up, but they’re on no way too warm. Romwe have it in a number of shades, but white, grey and black are always my favs with these things

Off Shoulder Foldover Knit T-Shirt | £5.50 £16.00

This top is gorgeous. It’s that super thin knit shirt thing that I am all about… AND it’s gorgeous off the shoulder. I think I’m just in love….

Pink Corduroy Overall Dress With Pocket | £5.00 £14.00

I’m sorry, this is so cute! I feel like it does look a little short, but I love overall dresses, they work in every season of the year and they are so versatile and easy to wear and they look adorable! I have a denim coloured one I bought in Belfast actually years ago, and I have been wearing it so so much since I bought it… and now I want more!

So, they are the items on my Romwe wishlist for Spring! It’s a website I love scrolling through, but I’m slightly petrified to buy from, so let me know if you have and what your experience was like in the comments

Katie x

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    1. I know, it’s why I’ve always avoided buying from there. I think it’s kinda like Primark.. some things on there are incredible for their price, some are cheap and cheerful… some are just terrible! :/

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