New | Max Factor Miracle Glow Duo

Max Factor Miracle Glow Dup

I saw this in Superdrug when I was in there and haven’t heard a single soul mention it… however… here it is. So it’s obviously a thing! Anyway. Max Factor have launched three shades (Light, Medium, Deep) of the Miracle Glow Duo Pro Illuminator for £8.99.

This is what it says online;

Miracle Glow Duo is a duo of creamy highlighters: one matte highlighter to perfect skin and one shimmery highlighter to boost radiance and glow. Use them alone or in combination. Shades have been designed by Max Factor make-up artists to virtually suit every skin tone. Creamy soft texture allows for a quick and easy highlighting look as formula is easily blendable and buildable. Highlighting adds more light and is used to emphasise the angular areas on your face that naturally catch light.

Max Factor Glow Duo 1

My verdict? I’m not entirely convinced I even can see this product on my skin. The ‘matte highlighter’.. is basically my skin tone in a concealer, but with no coverage whatsoever… so… why? And then the shimmery highlighter doesn’t really do a lot either.. it just forms a gloopy mess on my face. I really feel so horrible to be so negative about this product. Because I feel like Max Factor as a brand is so overlooked and they do have some amazing products (read about all my favourite Max Factor products here).

Max Factor Glow Duo 2

The packaging is sweet though, simple, elegant and too the point and it’s nice that it has released a few different shades. Plus, at £8.99 it’s not a bad price… just a bad product.

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

13 thoughts on “New | Max Factor Miracle Glow Duo

  1. Literally just swatched this in Superdrug today but I see what you mean about the matte side it’s basically just skin coloured? And I’m not really a fan of cream highlight. Normal price is £10.99 apparently and it’s on offer for £8.99 but I think I’ll pass. Sorry Max Factor!


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