I’m Having a Spend-Free April


I probably should have included this in my monthly goals.. but ah well, it was something I decided today (don’t worry… I haven’t actually spent anything other than milk & rent in the last 3 days). I need to save money… I’m not talking fortunes, just a little to give me a little cushion at the end of the month rather than reaching my overdraft at the every month and literally living hand to mouth… because, take it from me, that lifestyle is stressful.

A heads up for any of you budding young arts professionals… it’s not a high paid job… in fact I actually earned more at McDonalds… there’s a depressing fact for you. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. But it doesn’t lead for an extravagant lifestyle, especially when rent for what is effectively just a room in a house takes over 60% of it…

Putting that aside, I do spend more than I should on stuff I really don’t need. And I’m now at a point in my life where I have a million different items of clothing, 6 bottles of soap, 3 bottles of shampoo, 15 tubes of moisturiser… you get the idea. So, all I should need to buy is food, transport… and well rent. I thought if I dedicated, in word, to all of you. I might be more inclined to keep to it.

So here are my rules;

  1. Direct debits are fine – I’m talking phone bills, netflix, rent (obviously), insurances, beauty boxes etc. because a girl gotta live a modern day lifestyle and netflix is my life.. especially with bakeoff on it!
  2. Food is ok – I mean I’m saving, not starving. So, yes I’m allowed to buy food… however, I’m not allowed takeaways (not that I eat them), or eating out or any of that fancy stuff
  3. Meal deals are a once a week max event – Ok, this is probably a really unusual rule.. but my addiction to the chicken pasta bake from TESCO in their meal deal is real. And I don’t think I’d survive without my fix. I normally eat them every lunch (hides under the duvet… don’t judge)… but for this month, once a week.
  4. No buying makeup – I feel like this is going to be the hardest… but I have a million and one products, and I do already have a little build up of new in products to talk to you all about, so I should be able to cope
  5. You are allowed to leave the house – I don’t need to have NO social life just because I’m saving money… so yes, I can still go off down the pub for a chat, or get on a train and visit home/friends, or anything like that
  6. Odd change & vouchers still count – This is how I normally end up spending more than I should. I often feel like cash doesn’t count. Mainly because I keep an eye on my finances by online banking.. but still. All the odd change in my room still counts as money… so if I buy a 95p sausage roll from Greggs with the change in my room… that’s still an expense
  7. Write down everything you spend – And this is where you come in. I am going to be noting everything I buy this month and it’s going to be like a dramatic exposé at the end of the month when I reveal how successful (or not) I have been by showing you everything I have bought…

Wish me luck! Eek

Katie x

19 thoughts on “I’m Having a Spend-Free April

    1. I just need some savings, my boss was 5 days late paying our wages this month and it’s caused so much issues with rent, that I feel like I need to end the month with enough to at least live one more month!

  1. Yaaaaassssss! I probably need to jump on this train. I used to be so much better about saving my money and then Christmas came and I kind of extended my spending season (oops). <3

    1. I was soo great until I moved to London and had every shop you could ever imagine right on my doorstep (especially with Westfield London literally a 10 min walk away! Dangerous!)

  2. Spending less on makeup is always a good idea. I definitely don’t have that much but already I’m trying to cut back on all my small collections that I don’t need. I just stick everything into a wishlist that I update frequently. X

    1. I feel I’ve become someone who buys everything I want rather than just the things I need.. and I don’t have the money to live like that right now. Hence the one month trial 😋

  3. In January, I told myself that I wasn’t going to spend a single penny (other than the things you mentioned) in February. I spent my whole January panic buying everything, just to make sure I had all my essentials and that I wasn’t tempted by anything. February 2nd came around and my no spend month ended there. Hopefully you can do better than I did! Please do a post at the end of the month and let us know if you caved in! x

    Brooke | http://www.brookeclarke.com

    1. I tried to do a similar thing in January… but then I realised my student discount ended at the end of March, And the January sales were on… and basically it didn’t work 😂😂 hopefully this time it goes a little better 🤣

  4. Really great goals! <3 Makeup can be so expensive. Honestly, I freak out a little every time I check out at Walgreens lol. I wish you luck with your goals, I need to start implementing a lot of these things into my life as well, especially cooking at home more and going out to eat less!!

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