Life/Blog Goals April 2018

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I actually managed to complete every one of my march goals (dye my hair, make it to 1250 subscribers, post 5 videos on YouTube, finish decluttering my makeup, ring my grandparents and post everyday). I am actually so proud of myself and it feels like, despite everything going on, I’ve managed to have some good things this month.

Moving on into April, and the real beginning of Spring, and charging head first into Summer (my favourite time of year), I’m really hoping that I can continue to find pockets of good times. So, here I am setting myself another 6 goals for the month.

1. Make It To 1300 Subscribers –  I feel like it’s a really great thing to make yourself goals every month of how many subscribers you want by the end of the month. It gives you a direction and a focus and I’m looking forward to see how my blog continues to grow in 2018.

2. Post Everyday In March – Managed to do this three months in a row now… this will remain a goal for the rest of the year.. as my ultimate dream would be to have posted everyday in 2018! I mean come on, that would be mental!

3. Make 4 New Recipes – I am one of those people who has learnt say 12 things really well, and I just cook them on rotation… basically all the time. So it would be great this month to (once a week) try making something new. Be that baking or actual food.

4. Go Self Hosted  – Or at least research it enough to know how to do it… this is a big step that I feel I really need to take to get my blog to the next level… but I honestly have no idea how to do it! Leave your tips below

5. Get Fit – Possibly the most stereotypical goal of all time… but I’ve gained time at the moment (thanks to living near work, and having longer Summer days) and I want to use some of it to do some at home exercise… just need some trainers..

What are your goals for the month?

Katie x


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  1. That sounds like a really good list of thing to aim for this month. And well done posting every day! I don’t know about you but seeing blue skies makes me want to get out there and walk so I too am hoping to get a little bit fitter! xx

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