University Photo Diary


The other day I wrote a post discussing whether my University degree was really worth it. While writing it, it got me thinking about all the memories I have of my three years down south in Southampton. So, I thought I would share you some of my images of my time at University and talk you very quickly through them. (PS: they’re in no particular order)


I played in the band pit for one of the LopSoc (Light Operatic Society) productions. Possibly one of the best things I decided to spontaneously do throughout my time there.

Brighton Tour


Cheeky little weekend away to Brighton with a group of friends. It was great to pop down the coast line and visit this iconic town!


It didn’t snow often in Southampton, and when it did it was a bit naff. However, it did make campus look super pretty


I lived in halls in first year… and no word of a lie… we had 27 fire alarms in the first week – they were brand new halls and they hadn’t quite worked it out yet. They did decrease massively by the third week… but it did kind of become our theme song!

Christmas Meal

I had literally just recovered from the flu in this photo. And I think it was the first time I had gotten out of bed in a week – hence the water, and slightly ill looking face. However, we had all decided to make food and have a makeshift christmas dinner as a flat … the clean up after this was not fun!


My 19th Birthday was the same night at the Fresher’s Ball…. so, here we are. All dressed up, squashed into one selfie.

First Year

I was very lucky that I got on so well with my flat mates from first year… so here we all are in my room having a good natter

Flat Party

Now the hallway… because why not

Flat Photo

Pretty sure this was Hanyu’s room, because we were having a film night and he had a huge computer screen and sound system!


Yes, I played football in first year (I also played when I was 11-16ish).

Fresher Week

Freshers Fair… have to say three people in this photo I didn’t even know their name… but we had stood in the queue together for 2 hours, so we had a very long, strange conversation!

Freshers Ball

Fresher’s ball again… this time holding a sign for our student radio… because why not!

Freshers Fair

The ‘profits’ of fresher’s fair… a lot of pens, wrist bands, and leaflets!


Halloween in first year… we covered ourselves in fake blood, and then Sophie got so drunk we didn’t actually make it out!

PA Ball

Performing Arts ball in my final year. Effectively a fancy meal with the annual awards – Southampton University Symphony Orchestra (which I was in) won an award… but I don’t remember what!


I don’t even remember what night this was. But this is a nightclub in Bedford Place in Southampton! And here I am with my flatmates


The choir I was in – SUSingers – just after we had finished one of our concerts


Another SUSingers concert


This time it’s the Southampton University Symphony Orchestra (SUSO) after our final ever concert – a fab one I might add!


This was after my first SUSO concert… oh how the orchestra changed from the photo before to this one!


The viola section… aka the best section!

Tom at Uni

My brother came to visit and we went to the most iconic place in Southampton – Sprinkles… basically an overpriced, but AMAZING ice cream, waffle and crepe bar!

Turner Sims

The joys of being a marketing intern… I kinda loved it though!


This is after one of my SUSO concerts with my flatmate – as he had come to hear me play… so cute!

World Premiere

In first year we gave the world premiere of a piece by Michael Finissy all about WW1 (it was an anniversary year)

OMG so many memories… pretty much all of them music. I mean I did do a music degree after all.

Hope you enjoyed.. and sorry for the picture quality of some of them!

Katie x

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