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February has been a scary fast month, as I mentioned yesterday, continuing to post everyday and having spent my first full month in my new place. It has taken some adjusting to, but I am super happy.

Quick update from last night. I finished only 3 of my 6 goals for the month (organising my room, re-launching my blog instagram, and posting everyday in February). So I’m going to leave my other 3 goals as my goals for March…

1. Dye My Hair – I sort of failed in doing this last month, because I ran out of money… so that is real life. However I got paid yesterday (with it being the first of the month), so hopefully I’ll get round to it this month!

2. Make It To 1250 Subscribers –  I mean I made it to 1210 this month, so I would say this is super achievable this month. But it’s my next goal, so I will leave this on.

3. Post 5 Videos This Month On YouTube – I managed three… so I didn’t completely fail this one either. But it’s just been a manic month at work, and then spending so much time on the blog, I just didn’t have time. However, I’m hoping this is the month!

4. Finish Decluttering My Makeup – So… I sorted out my eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks this month (I have filmed declutters that will go up on my blog soon), and I am super happy with how my collection is looking now. So, hopefully I’ll finish off the rest of it in March!

5. Ring My Grandparents Once A Week  – if any of you happen to follow me on twitter, you may have seen I lost my paternal grandmother on Sunday. I lost my maternal grandfather last September, so I feel like I’m rapidly losing grandparents. And, as I’ve moved away from home, I see a lot less of them. I’m now more aware than ever that life is short, and so I really want to catch up with them once a week, especially as they are both now living alone.

6. Post Everyday In March – Managed to do this two months in a row now… and I think this will remain a goal for the rest of the year.. as my ultimate dream would be to have posted everyday in 2018!

What are your goals for March?

Katie x

11 thoughts on “Life Goals March 2018

  1. The grandparents thing snags my heart strings so badly. My paternal grandparents passed away close together over the past couple of years and now my maternal grandmother is in a home. The only time I can really talk on the phone is during my commute home after work and that’s when she’s in the dining hall. It’s been a tough adjustment, especially considering she used to live with us

    1. omg that sounds horrible. We’re quite lucky (as horrible as this is to say) that my ill grandparents passed away leaving the two healthy ones left who still basically live like they’re 50 😛

      1. When we lost my grandma my grandfather was lost, she was sudden and he didn’t know what to do. I was happy when he passed because he just wanted to be with her. It was heartbreaking

  2. Good luck with all of these goals! Blogging everyday in 2018 would be an incredible achievement, as it’s such hard work. I need to start ringing my Nans more often too, as I definitely don’t speak to them as much as I should. Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I know…. fingers crossed I can do it. I’ve just spent all day writing so many blog posts today! So I’m hoping I can do it!
      And thanks 🙂 already rang them this week, so I’m on track 🙂

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