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Well, happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you and your loved one (or one’s… if you and your partner(s) swing that way) are having a wonderful day today! I thought I would celebrate the day aptly with an entire blog post of my pinkest, girliest makeup! Not only in colour, but in packaging too! Just very pink makeup… you know… trying to echo the very pink day!

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The Bourjois City Radiance Foundation is not only a great foundation, but it comes in the most adorable pink packaging… also, if we’re really trying to bend the rules, this is a pink under-toned colour (as that’s my skintone)… so… it’s pink inside too?!

I mean all blush is pink, so I could have picked anything, or all of them… but that would have just been a little obsessive. So, I’ve just left the Rimmel Kate Moss Blush Palette as I used this yesterday in my Valentine’s FOTD (read here) and I have been loving it!

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Soap and Glory have a stunning pinky highlighter in the form of their Glow All Out in Shimmer Switch. This is a very pretty highlighter with a very subtle pink colour. I often actually wear this as a blush topper and it’s beautiful. The highlight is stunning and not too intense. Plus, I love S&G’s packaging!

I have two mascaras that come in pink packaging (one being the lid of the Benefit Rollerlash Mascara), but the one that really stands out for being super pink is the Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara. It’s a pretty good mascara, and it’s sweetly scented (which is weird), but I would say it’s not my favourite ever. Cute packaging though.

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I’ve really started to get into the pink toned eyeshadow. The two from yesterday’s FOTD are the Max Factor Nude Palette in 03 Rose Nudes and the Revlon Colorstay Creme Eyeshadow in Creme Brulee. Both stunning gorgeous products.

Another great option for a beautiful pink eyeshadow look is the L’Oreal Eye Paint in Irresistible Rose. These liquid eyeshadows from L’Oreal are super pretty. They can take a little building up, but their final affect is so pretty!

The whole ASOS range comes in adorable pink packaging. The one item from the range I’m including in this is the Eyeshadow Palette in Devoted because the pink theme continues inside with the super pretty pink shade on the inside. I have to say I’m not super excited by these eyeshadows… but they look pretty in the palettes!… haha!

Two more fab pink-toned eyeshadow palettes are the Miss Sporty Quad in Smokey Rose (these palettes are insane for their price point. I use them all the time, especially the brown toned one), and the Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2 Palette (another great option).

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And then lips. I mean… I have an excessive number of pink lipsticks.. I have a lipstick addiction and it’s seriously getting out of hand. So I thought I would include the lip option from yesterday’s FOTD, the NYX Lip Lingerie lipsticks in the shade Exotic which I am wearing all the time. But two of the pinkest lip options I have, which are both super pink on the inside and on the outside are the Max Factor Honey Lacquer in Honey Lilac (you know I love this formula, but I tend to wear the shade Chocolate Nectar) and the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in Dreamer (a formula of lipstick I don’t get on with so well, but they are super pigmented).

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