The Move Update//A Chat

Laptop And Legs

You may or may not have noticed, this is slightly later in the day for me to be posting a YouTube video. In all honesty I’ve just been a little busy this weekend. I just thought today, however, I would have a little chat with you guys and let you know how things are going.

So I moved, three weeks ago, to London. It’s been great! My flatmates are lovely, the location is perfect, and all in all I have been loving the London life – I even went to Kew gardens yesterday (expect pictures), and I’ve discovered I live WAY to close to Westfield London shopping centre (expect a cheeky haul).

I relaunched my YouTube channel (find that here). Currently up is an empties video and a vlog of me sorting out my life, I have a Primark haul edited and ready to go and then a collective haul (filmed in a really interesting way), a makeup collection and a GRWM all also filmed. All very exciting!

One thing I am struggling with, however, is blogging photos. One thing I really couldn’t afford to prioritise in my house search was a property with perfect lighting and the perfect space for taking blog photos. It’s actually a pain. But the perfect place for me to take blog photos at the moment is actually on my bed (as it sits under my window). So, there will be a slight change in photo style. I really hope I can go back to the aesthetically appealing marble paper, but it may just take a little time… (I’ve had a lot of blog photos in reserve…)

The last thing I wanted to touch on was writers block. I know I can’t be the only person to experience it. But it can be tough. Sometimes I just sit there and I can’t think of anything to write about. I’ve near enough reviewed everything in my makeup collection, and I need to be wary of pointlessly buying makeup (especially considering I have so much), but I find my ways to get through it (if you want to see a blog post on that… do let me know). But I think the point in me saying this.. is if you’re experiencing it too.. you’re not alone! (How very Doctor Who of me!)

Well there are my few little updates for you on a Sunday evening. Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you enjoy all my future content!

Katie x

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