New | Revolution Reloaded Palettes

Revolution Reloaded Palettes Review
Revolution Reloaded Palettes Review

I feel like Revolution are really having their time in the spotlight at the moment, especially with the release of their new concealer. However, for those of you who don’t know… they do really great palettes for next to nothing. And their newest launch are their Reloaded palettes. Each palette comes with 15 shades, all themed to the name of their palette and they are amazing!

Revolution Reloaded Palettes Review

The palettes are only £4 each and come in this simple clear and black packaging… which I actually prefer to their opaque black packaging because you can really see what colours you are reaching for before you pick up the palette. So, as with all the Revolution palettes they are super super affordable and actually have pretty impressive colour payoff. You get the odd shade in each palette which is a bit of a miss, but on the whole everything is very much a hit!

Revolution Reloaded Palettes Review

The colours are pigmented and easy to blend, each of the colours in the palette beautifully compliment each other to create stunning eye looks. I feel like, with all 4 of these palettes (which would only cost you £12) you would have every warm neutral tone you would ever ever need. They’re fairly long lasting and their fallout is not actually too bad, if non-existent. The only weird thing about Revolution palettes, and especially with these larger panned palettes, they have a really strong playdough/plastic smell.. which can be a little off-putting… but you don’t notice it when it’s on your eyes.. and it doesn’t irritate me at all.

Revolution Reloaded Palettes Review

Reloaded Newtrals 2

This is your collection of warm burnt shades with a rustic red and burnt orange undertone, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades. Yes, this palette has been done a million times already… and actually I’m pretty sure I have a palette very similar to this from Revolution already. But still, it’s a very pretty collection of shades. There’s also no Newtrals 1… which is really weird.

Reloaded Iconic Division

This is possibly the most unique of the 4 palettes, and I feel like this is the palette out of them which adds some different and unusual shades to my collection. It’s filled with both some warm burnt shades as well as some cool toned shades and pops of green and turquoise. There is a teal shade on the middle row, left hand side, which is actually really pretty. And I feel like this palette is just far more creative.

Revolution Reloaded Palettes Review

Reloaded Iconic Vitality

This time, still includes a lot of warm undertone shades, but with a more red, pink, and neutral family.  This is a super pretty palette that would create some pretty looks. But I feel like this is my least favourite. Because there are some really odd colours in here I wouldn’t know what do with it. It’s the camel colours… what would I do with them… they’ve got a weird undertone to them which I really don’t like.

Reloaded Iconic Fever

I feel like Fever and Newtrals need to swap names. Because this one is more on the neutral shade, while Newtrals is more on the warm, burnt, copper shades. However, putting names aside, this is the most wearable, everyday, super neutral shades. I has some pretty colours including the brown right in the middle and the two shimmer shades either side.

Revolution Reloaded Palettes Swatches

Overall, I really like these palettes. their formula is very impressive and I can’t really say anything really bad about their colour selection. It’s just something we’ve all seen 100 times already. However, I guess this would sell to the mass market (OMG… look at me getting all marketingy…. that’s now a word). Definitely palettes I will use, and I would recommend them if you are looking for any of these colour ways, plus they’re only £4 so they’re not breaking anyone’s bank!

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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6 thoughts on “New | Revolution Reloaded Palettes

  1. I’m not a huge fan of the Newtrals one but the fever looks right up my ally! The small is unfortunate! Yuck! I want to try a good round of their products but I’m afraid I’ll buy them and not be that into them. I also wish they would invest just a bit more on their packaging. I’m not sure I would reach for them just for their appearance…. apparently I’m make up packaging shallow. 🙈

    1. Hahaha, no I entirely get what you mean.. their packaging is a little ‘cheap’, but it doesn’t really bother me. Although I also get what you mean about not reaching for them. While their formula is very good, and their colour selection (on the most part) is pretty… I don’t always find myself reaching for all my Makeup Revolution Palettes… which is a shame!

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