New | Barry M Palettes

Barry M 2x2 Palettes

Barry M make some of my favourite nail polishes that I wear all the time, however, they have launched two adorable little palettes to expand their face makeup range. So far nothing from the Barry M makeup range has made it’s way into my daily makeup routine, but fingers crossed….

Barry M 2x2 Palette 1

Each palette is £5.99, making them super affordable. The packaging of both is sturdy and feels very good quality. The colours look pretty, all in all a good start.

Barry M Concealer Palette – Light/Medium

This palette comes with 6 concealer shades, four with yellow undertones and two more on the pink undertone. I’m normally not keen on these types of concealers (except the Benefit Boing concealer, which I lost…), but I’m always willing to give them a go. First things first, I feel like there is only one shade that I really get on with, meaning most of the palette is completely redundant. The formula is a little waxy, and I would say it is a light-medium coverage formula, but essentially it’s not a bad concealer… I just think there’s many better.

Barry M 2x2 Palette 2

Barry M Blusher Quad Palette

This palette comes with 4 blusher shades, each with completely different undertones, but all very flattering. The blushers are pigmented, but blend well, they last fairly well on the skin, and the shimmer behind them makes your skin look very alive and healthy. I actually like the bronzy-toned blushes, they look really pretty for a night out look, and the two shades at the bottom are pretty for everyday. I really like this palette.

Barry M 2x2 Palettes 3

I feel like drugstore do blushes so well, and I rarely see the need to ever spend more on blushes than the £3-8 mark.

Have you tried these products? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

9 thoughts on “New | Barry M Palettes

    1. Definitely the nail polishes! Their lip liners are also lovely. Their eyeshadow formula is quite nice, and their lipsticks are pretty but a tad drying. I haven’t actually tried their foundations/concealers/mascaras I’m afriad

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