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I was one of those people who didn’t start wearing makeup till they went to University. So I made all of the embarrassing makeup mistakes while being an adult… however, I’ve now been wearing makeup basically daily for 3 years, and I feel like I learnt some tips and tricks very very quickly, and I wanted to share them with you;

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Make Up Tips – The Do`s

• It is important to know that makeup is not to make you look different: makeup is to highlight the good features on your face.

• Follow people’s suggestions. I have found so many favourites by trying out what other people have recommended. Find a friend, or influencer, who has a similar skin type and tone to you, and pick and chose some of their favourites to give a go.

• Colour match your foundation to your neck, not your face. Then your foundation will be more likely to match the rest of your body and you’ll be less likely to get foundation lines

• Linked to above. Accept help. A lot of beauty shops have girls in there who can help colour match you. Sometimes they’re not perfect either, but they can help!

• Apply makeup when your face is clean. Sounds stupid…. but putting makeup on top of yesterdays makeup is not cute

• Also, let your moisturiser settle into your skin before pilling on the makeup. This will stop the moisturiser from mixing with your foundation and altering it’s formula. I tend to do skincare, then brush and sort out my hair, and then do my makeup.

• Clean your brushes. My best friend hasn’t cleaned hers since she bought them, and not only is that a little disgusting (sorry Soph), but clean brushes will also apply product so much cleaner and better….

• Check your makeup in natural lighting. If you’re like me, you can often get ready for the day in artificial lighting, and sometime your makeup looks stunning… then you’ve been out of the house for while, you catch yourself in a mirror or a camera or something and you haven’t blended in your contour properly or something. Natural lighting is the best way to check anything.

• Wiggle your mascara as you apply it. This really helps build up volume so much better than just applying mascara normally.

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Make Up Tips – The Don’ts

• Take your time. Especially at the beginning. It takes time to master the 5 minute makeup…. I learnt that the hard way

• Don’t wear makeup all the time. Your skin needs a break. And never ever ever sleep in your makeup

• Careful with concealer colours. People spend so long worrying about foundations… and your concealer shade is just as important. You want something a little lighter than your skin tone for under the eyes (but nothing crazy light), and you want something the same colour as your foundation (not your face skin tone, i.e. match to your neck again) for spot concealing, otherwise it’ll make your spots more obvious… which is obviously not what you want.

• Apply in layers. It’s far easier to build up than it is to remove. Also, makeup that’s applied in layers will last so much longer (maybe that should also be in the do section!)

• Don’t fall for every new product you see… not everything is made for you.

What are your makeup dos and donts?

Katie x

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