I’m Moving…. to London!


I’m moving. On Friday. Yes… that was very sudden, very unexpected, and very very exciting!

A little background, I currently live in a county outside of London (Bedfordshire) and commute into to work (in London). The commute takes me 2 hours door to door and costs £500 a month. And, to put it bluntly, I am fed up. I live at home, and while I love where I live, I hate commuting… it’s long, I loose 4 hours a day… and it’s very expensive. And, for those of you outside the UK, our train network is shocking, and they put the prices up 4% on Jan 2.

I’ve been dreaming of spending my 20s in London for as long as I can remember (it was always surrounded by slight terror of a big city, but after growing up, and attending University.. cities aren’t all that bad!), and since starting my job in June it’s been something I have wanted to do more and more and more. I mean it’s the UK city that never sleeps, everything goes on there, and there are more opportunities out there than I can physically comprehend!

So, I did it. I signed a contract and I go and get my keys on Friday.

I’m renting, and flat sharing – because London is EXPENSIVE! But I’m living in Notting Hill/Kensington, so it’s a lovely lovely part of London. And I can now walk to work! WALK to work… I’m so excited!

My older brother runs a market stall every Sunday just down the road, and I will still be a train journey away from home. So I will be sure to see them all the time! But this is it, I’m moving out.

So, just a quick one from me today, and I am manically packing!

Here’s to an incredible 2018!

Katie x

13 thoughts on “I’m Moving…. to London!

    1. Yeah, I’m now a 10 min tube or a 30 min walk from work… which is.. amazing! I’m going to gain so much time I’m not going to know what to do with it! :P… probably get a second job to afford to live in London 😉

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