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Who doesn’t love a good bargain? I know I certainly do. With a website full of super cheap makeup, is full of it. So, thought I would pick up some of the items and give ’em a go! Here’s the three items I picked up;

12 Pack of Eyeliners £2.26

35 Colour Pro Eyeshadow Palette £3.56

6 Piece Brush Set £2.33

The brushes are beautiful. I mean look at them, they are a gradient mermaid pattern…! You get 6 brushes in the collection – a blending, fluffy brush, an angled brush great for eyebrows, a super thin brush perfect for pressing eyeshadow onto the lashline, a smaller more precise brush great for applying eyeshadow onto the lower lash line and two flat headed brushes that are great for packing eyeshadow on.

I have to say, my favourite two are the flat headed brushes… they’re actually really good for packing on eyeshadow. Overall, these brushes don’t shed, and they’re not scratchy. I’m not saying they’re the highest quality brushes I’ve ever tried, but they a far cry better than most cheaper brushes!


These eyeliners will literally cover every single colour you could ever want or need. With everything from forest green to white to pink, I think it literally covers every angle. And at 18 pence a piece… wow.

When you very first use them they can be a little stiff, but after a second of being against the heat of your skin, they’re already soft and so much easier to apply and become so much brighter and more vibrant. They last really well on the lower lash line, but I really struggle using pencil eyeliners on the upper lash line – my favourite ways to wear these are smoked out on the lower lash line.

The scary thing…. the pink and the red actually work really well as a lip liner. It can be a little drying, but it’s really really long lasting!


Finally, the eyeshadow palette. Initially, I was sceptical… the pans are very small – but then again, I haven’t ever finished an eyeshadow pan in my life… so I’m sure this really won’t matter. The pigment is buildable and blendable and they do look beautiful on the eyes. A lot of the shades are very similar and so it doesn’t create a lot of shadow looks… but the looks is does, are very pretty. The shadows are surprisingly long lasting, and they keep their vibrancy for most of the day! The packaging is simple, if not a little cheap. But I can look past it, because I do actually quite enjoy using this palette.

Just goes to show. You really don’t need to spend that much on makeup! These products are all under £4 and are actually all pretty good!

Katie x

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  1. Those eyeliners look so pretty! I love all of the shades. I had a light blue shade like that from colourpop and it fell apart, might have to get these ones if they’re better quality 🙂

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