When Lipbalms Lie


After reading an article on Reviews.com about lip balms I suddenly realised I had no idea what is actually in my lip balms… I just blindly use them. Let’s face it at this time of year, your lips get pretty dried out and lip balms instantly becomes your best friend. Lips dry our from exposure to saliva, water, sun, wind, and cold, and, let’s face it, you can’t avoid these things in practically any season.


So, the ingredients in so-called “medicated” lip balms that bring on the tingly, cooling sensations… which I actually really don’t enjoy…. mean that the lip balm contains camophor, phenol or menthol – ingredients to avoid. However, some of the biggest lip balms include these ingredients, including Carmex, Blistex, SoftLips, and ChapStick…. eek.

Then there are irritants. Luckily I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, and so it’s not something I really have to think about, but some of the most common irritants are REALLY surprising…

  1. Vitamin E?! While this antioxidant has great anti-ageing properties it’s actually not that hydrating and it seems a large chunk of people are sensitive to it… weird.
  2. Fragrances… now this one of obvious. I tend to avoid fragranced face moisturisers for this exact reason – my eyes are pretty sensitive.
  3. Beeswax is one of the ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction, but because its moisturising benefits are so great… which, let’s face it… really sucks. Because of propolis, the natural “glue” made by honey bees to build their hives.
  4. Another one is Lanolin: a moisturising alcohol derived from wool that has been linked to contact dermatitis in some people. Not going to lie.. never even heard of this ingredient…

SPF… that thing people tell you to use in like every skincare item in history. However, if you’re sitting inside all day, your lips don’t require sunscreen…. why bother, it can dry your lips out.. and so really not help. However, when you go outside, and especially when it is sunny, it is super important to remember to use SPF.

Lipbalm 1

lipbalm 2

I would say there are two very big hits when it comes to lip balms… my favourite, Vaseline, and the recommended favourite – of one of them – Badger Classic Lip Balm.


Pure petroleum jelly is “an impenetrable occlusive that seals in moisture” (now that’s a sentence.. source), and it has virtually no history of irritation. The lack of ingredients in Vaseline is why it just works so well, why it’s survived the test of time, and why any one of any age and any ethnicity seems to completely love it! And I have to say, I do too!

Badger Classic Lip Balm

Badger Classic Lip Balm Unscented is a great basic balm with great appeal: little shine, virtually no scent, and long-lasting moisture. It contains just four organic ingredients; extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, castor oil, and a very small amount of rosemary, which acts as a preservative. It’s a smooth texture – much like the Burts Bees Lip Balms, with no scent and it feels super soft on the lips. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips, but that super satisfying lip-balm feel does stick around for a while.

While it doesn’t contain SPF, it’s drugstore cheap, 100% organic AND gluten-free…. AND it’s a family-owned company… sweet.

What is your favourite lip balm? and I hope you learnt something!

Katie x

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