Finding Old Sketchbooks


This weekend, while sorting out old things, I found a sketchbook I used to use while doing my A-Levels. With super limited time recently, I thought I would share with you some of my mini sketches I made when I had just a bit more time on my hand!


I studied A Level Art, so most of my more detailed and time consuming work obviously went into my A Level. I have 8 AS Level and 7 A Level Sketchbooks filled with drawings, paintings, photograph, planning things and all the things you put in an A Level Sketchbook. However, something I always loved doing was biro drawings – I loved how quick, and casual they looked, I found them easier than most other medium, and found it unbelievably relaxing.


Most of these sketches happened between year 12 and year 13 (between A Level years, and when you are 17 – for those of you who are not in the UK). The sketches are limited, and there’s not many about – I was a manically busy person.. however, having found this sketchbook over the weekend I’m really looking forward to getting back into it and expanding my collection.


Growing up on a flower nursery it was always my first instinct to draw flowers, so I would often find myself outside, on a sunny day, drawing something I could see in front of me… and living where I did… it was always flowers.


I just thought I would share these with you in an attempt to spur me on to start sketching again. It was a hobby that really helped my mental health, and one that I would really love to get back in to!


Just a quick post from me, and I’ll be back to the normal posts tomorrow!

Katie x

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