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About 6 months ago I went eyeshadow brush crazy! Scary to believe that at the beginning of this year I owned about 15 eyeshadow brushes, and then, in a matter of months, this happened…

I feel like I’ve now tried most of the affordable ranges (really want to try NYX!), and so I thought I would share with you my thoughts and feelings on the brushes I’ve tried.

Beau Belle Eye Brush | You can only buy this brush as part of a set, I find myself using it a lot.. although I think it’s just because it was one of my first. Because, realistically, this is a very scratchy eye brush, however, the shape of this brush is on point!

Eco Tools Precision Blending | A super dense, precise brush great for lower lash line! If you want to smoke a shadow out on your lower lash line, you need this brush!

Eco Tools Full Shadow Brush | Dense, fairly large, good for all over colour. I have to say, I like this brush, and it’s very soft, I just don’t find myself reaching for it very much.

B Concealer Brush | Fluffy brush, good for putting light application of crease shade. I know it’s theoretically for concealer, but I haven’t used a brush for concealer for years…

B Eye Shadow Brush | Compact eye brush great for packing on shimmer shadows. It’s very flat, and I find it a little harsh on the eyes (because of how compact it is), but sometimes this can be super useful!

Flawless Nature Eyeshadow Brush | I’m actually super impressed with this brush, considering the price, it’s a really good brush. Similar shape to the Beau Belle brush but a lot less harsh on the eye.

Revolution Eye Brush | Hmm. What can I say about this brush? I just really don’t like it.

Freedom Eyeshadow Brush | Very similar to B Concealer Brush – i.e. not very dense, and very good for a very light application of eyeshadow.

Look Good Feel Better Eye Shading Brush | Good soft brush for packing on shimmer, as flat topped eyeshadow brushes go, this is one of the best!

Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Brush | Very firm flat brush for packing on shimmer. However, for the price this would have costed (I got it in a gift set), really don’t think it’s worth the money

No.7 Eye Brush | This was free in the No.7 advent calendar.  It’s a big, fluffy brush, (though a mini… haha), however I just don’t really use it.

New Look Eyeshadow Brush | Good dense eyeshadow brush, not at all scratchy considering that’s what you would expect from a clothing shop makeup range.

The Body Shop N34W |Double ended with fluffy flat brush and an angled brush, great for smokey eyes! It’s a really high quality brush, like I am seriously impressed, and I would love to try more from this place!

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Real Techniques Brushes – Definitely one of the best makeup brush brands out there, and quite often my go-to’s in basically every category of brush out there!

Point S-XXXS Collection | These are amazing it you want to very precisely apply something and then smoke it out after. I feel like you only really need the XXXS and the XS brush (the other two are slightly redundant), but they come in a set.

Base Shadow Brush | Probably one of the best used brushes out of this collection. I tend to use this to brush a translucent powder/skin toned eyeshadow over the lid before applying eyeshadow to set down any primer/concealer used.

Deluxe Crease Brush (x2) | I feel like this was the first eyeshadow brush I completely fell head over heels in love with. It’s one of those big, fat, dense, but still fluffy brushes that applies shadow quickly, fairly messily, and creates a really nice, effortless look.

Lip Brush | Not an eye brush I know, but with it being the only lip brush I own, I feel like there is never going to be another blog post in which to mention this. To be honest, I only own one because this one just does it so well! It’s precise, firm but not tough, and it just makes applying lipstick precisely soo easy!

Shading Brush (x2) | This is a more precise, fluffy brush. It has a really small brush head meaning you can apply powder slightly more precisely than with (say) the deluxe crease brush, but it also allows you to pack on shadow and blend out with the same brush.

Duo-Fiber Eye Brush | Probably my least used of the eyeshadow brushes by RT. If I do use it, I tend to apply brow highlight with it, as these duo-fiber brushes apply shadow much more delicately than most.

Base Shadow Brush (x2) | This is such a stereotypical brush shape (kind of similar to the deluxe crease brush my Zoeva). It’s one of those brushes you kind of find yourself using all the time.

Morphe – I find this brand a little hit and miss with their brushes, I have one absolute favourite, and two mehs….

R32 | Wanted it to be like the Deluxe Crease, but somehow just doesn’t work as well. I can’t really explain it…

MB25 | Dense crease brush, one I don’t find myself reaching for. Also, I can’t really explain why….

R39 | This is a great crease colour brush. It is definitely the best of the Morphe brushes I’ve tried! And one I find myself gravitating towards most of all.

Zoeva – I would say, along with RT, this is one of the best makeup brush brands out there! All the brushes I’ve tried from them (yes, only three, but still three very good ones), have been amazing! And I would highly recommend!

Luxe Crease | I want 100 of these! Like literally. Hands down my favourite eyeshadow brush. Ever! It’s just so good at blending eyeshadow into the crease…

Luxe Eye Blender | A slightly denser version of above, another very good brush. I have to say this and the other Zoeva brushes are very very similar… but who cares, I love them!

Eye Finish | A little like the Duo-Fiber brush by RT, meaning it’s a style of brush I don’t find myself reaching for all the time. However, amazing quality!

What are your favourite eye brushes? And are there any you think I should try? I would love to know!

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  1. This is a great in-depth brush review! I love RT brushes and use them pretty much everyday! I have been eyeing a couple from Zoeva here recently so I might have to bite the bullet and finally give them a try! Thanks for sharing! xo

      1. I do. I have a few double ended brushes for eyes ( fluffy blending brushes, pencil & flat shaders) which I love. A pointed face brush which can do a multitude and then a highlight brush which is the only one I’m not keen on.

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