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There’s no greater joy in life than that of reading, to pick up a book and get lost in the imagination of a story. I’m one of those few people in the world who still hasn’t completely taken to the medium of film (a good TV show is a slightly different story, but film is not my thing), and so I love to take time out of my day to truly immerse myself in a book.

I have to admit, with such long commutes to and from work, I spend most of my life reading on the train, and with limited personal space (still living at home), I long for the perfect nook of the house to set up as my personal reading space.

I am like my father in so many ways. One of which being my love of light. I always require is a large window, bringing the outside world in, letting me admire the weather, the seasons, and brighten the room.  On the darker days, a decorative pendant light could brighten up the room – these lights can also be super decorative, like the Arhaus hanging lights!


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Something about this photo is so visually satisfying. Whether it’s the white furniture, or the perfectly colour co-ordinated books I’m not entirely sure, but something about this picture is very me. I love chairs like this because I’m one of those people who loves to either sit crosslegged or with my feet over the side of the chair – somehow I find these situations comfortable… I also love the juxtaposition of the vintage side table next to the modern-ish furniture.

Reading Nook

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I’ve only ever had one window seat in my life, and that was in a holiday cottage in Devon… and I’m not going to lie, I completely fell in love. Unfortunately, there is no way I could put one of these in my house – not only do I not have a window suitable.. but I doubt dad would let me. However, look at that view! I refer back to my first point about loving light pouring into a room through a large window.

There’s something deeply satisfying about having floor to ceiling shelving, or even shelving and cupboard space. It gives a room an accent feature having all this space covered in your book collection/whatever else you want to put on your shelves.

Reading Nook 1

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Another contrast of dark furniture (or, in this case flooring) with white, and a pop of pink – now come on, that’s cool! I love a chair that injects a little colour into a room (like this one) that’s still neutral enough to blend into the room. Even though you’re reading, and so theoretically shouldn’t be paying attention to the surroundings around you, it really does make a difference!

Essentially I need three things for reading; light (preferably natural), a lot of it, a comfy chair which I can lounge out on (and lets face it, everyone will think I look really uncomfortable, but actually, because I’m weird, I find the whole ordeal very comfortable), and a book case that dominates the room and allows me to display my books in some ridiculous organised manner (colour co-ordinated… or alphabetical… depends).

Oh, and a side table for tea… lots and lots of tea.

What is your perfect reading space?

Katie x



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  1. I’m obsessed with reading nooks despite not liking to read; they are just so cozy and relaxing! I’m loving the first and second looks, a windowsill seat is always a great idea! Thanks for sharing! xo

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