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I still can’t believe I haven’t got round to writing this! To be honest, I may as well rename this an October favourites, BUT I have found some exceptional products this month and so I feel like I want to talk about those in a separate post. However, even though it is very late, here are my September Favourites…

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner | This has been a favourite for as long as I can remember. It’s just the easiest eyeliner to use (for me anyway), it’s super black, lasts really well and it doesn’t dry out super fast either.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation | I recommended buying this foundation to a friend of mine in September, and remembered how much I truly loved it! So, I dug it back out of my collection, and I really don’t think I have a foundation that betters it. My skin just looks flawless when I use this foundation, it has a medium coverage, a super natural finish, it’s long lasting, easy to blend, the colour matches me perfectly! I just love it!

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation | This, however, if a foundation I like to wear if I want a little coverage QUICK. It’s just the quickest foundation application I’ve come across. The coverage isn’t amazing, and the lasting power also isn’t the best. However, for those mornings when I want a little something in as little time as possible. Literally love this for that!

L’Oreal Brow Pomade | Nothing truly replaces my Maybelline Brow Satin, however, this is a definite close second. I’d always stayed clear of pomades because I thought they would be too bold. However, you can actually use such a light hand with this, and it looks really polished, together, as natural as it could be, and lasts all day (and actually through the night as I accidentally slept with makeup on once).

GOSH Brow Gel | I think I’ve raved about this enough to know I love this brow gel. It just works. It’s a clear brow gel in an opaque package that perfectly sets your brows down.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer | Also, another product I recommended to a friend and then realised I adore! This is, once again, one of the best concealers ever. It’s so good for under the eyes. I’m quite lucky that I don’t have insane under eye bags, and so I don’t need crazy coverage, but, don’t be fooled, the coverage on this is still impressive. But, it just brightens and lifts the face so well.

GOSH Prime and Set Loose Setting Powder | A really good setting powder. I never really know exactly what to say about setting powders, they just work, and this one does well. It doesn’t look powdery on the skin, I don’t notice any flashback in photos, it leaves my skin feeling super soft and it sets down my makeup well.

Max Factor Creme Bronzer in Light Gold | One of my favourite bronzers of all time. It warms, shapes and colours the face so well, it works perfectly for my skin tone, and it’s such such a good bronzer. When I first saw it, I was sceptical, because it does look a little odd. However, it’s amazing!

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette | I feel like I am so late on this bandwagon, and everyone tried this palette years before me. However, I made it, late. I can definitely see why people obsess over this palette! It is truly exceptional! The pigment is there, the blend ability is there, the fall out isn’t too much, it lasts really well on the eyes, and the colour selection is such beautiful!

What are your favourites?

Katie x

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