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I remember all those years ago when I struggled to find one good bronzer than I actually liked! It  was a really struggle, and I almost felt like giving up. They were all too warm, shimmery, too pigmented or not pigmented enough, I felt like I was in the goldilocks and the three bears fairytale!

However, I decided one day to treat myself to the Benefit Hoola Bronzer.. and everything changed from there (wow, that sounds like an overdramatic beginning to a story)

Hoola Bronzer was the first I fell in love with. I only have the smaller sized bronzer, but as I don’t use that much, it’s lasted pretty well. I can really see why people love this bronzer. It’s slightly on the warm side in comparison to the other bronzers in this list, but it just works so well at warming the face up, providing a little colour, shape and dimension.. and.. well… bronzing.  The closest match out of the others in this selection is the Body Shop Honey Bronzer, not only is the packaging of this just so sleek and beautiful, but the powder is such a lovely formula. Neither too warm or cool, the right amount of pigment, not too expensive, it wears super well.. it’s basically that perfect bowl of porridge (referring back to the goldilocks story).

Then I dipped my toes in, what I consider, high end makeup for the first time; the Smashbox Contour Kit. At the time the most I’d ever spent on a single item of makeup, and I was particularly precious of it. I have to say, I now only use one shade (the contour colour) out of the palette.. but, it is by far my favourite contour shade. While, it doesn’t particularly work as a bronzer, and I don’t really like the bronzer in this palette… the contour shade is perfect! It creates such a pretty, natural shadow… ooh! Just love it!

The two newer finds come in the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette and the Max Factor Creme Bronzer in Light Gold. These are not actually too dissimilar when applied on the face – but obviously look completely different in the pan. They’re both perfect for paler skin tones, give a natural bronze with a slight hint of a glow (but not highlight.. just glow) to the skin, they blend like a dream, look flawless on the skin, and just make me look soo healthy.

What are your favourite bronzers?

Katie x

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    1. I know! Me too… I’ve kind of banned myself from buying makeup between now and Christmas though (unless it’s new and I want to review it)… kinda have makeup coming out of my ears ;P

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