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One thing people have always commented on is my hair, with it being so long it becomes quite a feature and it’s been through a lot – blonde, ginger, ombre, brown, long, short, straight, curly, frizzy, severe sun, severe cold… my poor hair. I’ve always consciously made an effort to look after my hair, and I have to say I’m really happy with how it’s looking and so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite tips and products I use to look after my hair.


Watch What You Eat | Your body is in constant need of nutrition to boost the function of cells. Your hair can benefit from this as well. Removing processed food, eating high vitamin and mineral food, and eating plenty of lean proteins will help your hair becoming stronger and healthier.

Washing Hair less Often | This is something I really struggle with, as someone who plays with her hair all the time, it gets greasy quickly, so I’ve got it down to once every 3 days… which is good for me! For in between washing, dry shampoo will be your best friend! (Batiste is definitely my favourite for this!)

Deep Condition | Not all the time, because it’ll weigh down your hair and remove natural volume. However, every so often, say once a week, it’s really good to put a hair mask in your hair for 5-20 mins and your hair will feel soo soft afterwards!


Wet Brush | This brush has since become my best friend, forget the Tangle Teaser (apologies for any hardcore fans out there), this is the best hair brush I’ve ever used. I really don’t know why, on first look there’s nothing to distinguish this from any other brush on the market, but it just works and I’ve been using it daily since I found out about it over a year ago!

Use a hair oil | pft! That’s exactly what I used to say when I heard people talk about hair oil. Think again, it makes your hair look and feel so soft and healthy AND it helps with reducing notting in your hair! This stuff will be a life saver, and you don’t have to spend loads, Superdrug do an amazing hair oil for like £10!

Give Your Hair a Break | I think this is important, especially if you heat style or dye your hair all the time! In the space of 2 months I think I bleached my hair 4 times and dyed it 4 times… it was a bad month, and my hair hated me for it. Same thing when I was a teenager, I used to straighten my hair daily… hated me for that too. Sometimes it just needs a break. I’ve had the same hair colour now for 8 months (this is practically my natural hair colour now), and I barely ever straighten or curl it any more, and my hair has never felt better!


Wash in/out hair dye | I get it, sometimes you’re bored of your hair.. it’s the same, day in day out. Instead of a full on hair dye, try a lighter option. The L’Oreal Colorista Washouts are amazing! They come in a range of really cool and bright colours and last anywhere from a week to 3 weeks – depending how much you wash your hair. Love em! But if you are looking for a new hair color, you can check out eSalon!

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, eSalon have also created a #SpreadHope campaign, in which every purchase made goes to help someone affected by cancer. You can see more about the campaign here

Keep your natural hair colour at the roots | I learnt this the hard way. Ombre is the best trend since sliced bread.. doesn’t quite work in that saying, but you get the idea. It allows you to colour your hair, bleach it, darken it, anything it, but keep your natural root colour at the base… this means you need to get it redone soo infrequently! This will be a life saver, both for you hair and your bank!

Get regular hair cuts | This is something I’m terrible at doing. As someone who was terrified of going to the hairdressers for years after I had 2 inches taken off when I asked for a ‘trim’… safe to say I cut my own hair for years. To be honest, I still do, however, I do like to go and have a professional hair cut now every 6 months just to be sure, and then I cut it myself every 4-6 weeks.

Use more volumising products that normal | Hate flatten your hair to your scalp, and some people may love that look.. and fair enough… however, if you’re a volume girl, then this is the season to amp it up… because hats. (my English is on point..)

What are your tips?

Katie x



5 thoughts on “Hair Tips for Autumn/Winter Months

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog and the tips you gave! I could very much relate to many of these ideas because I always feel as if I’m always trying to find different things to do to my hair! I will definitely be using some of the tips you gave!

  2. I love your hair!! Though I’ve never dyed, bleached, or colored my hair. I wash it about 3 times a week, which is ok for me. Though I have one question: I comb it every morning, and some hair always rips out. I also comb my hair after a shower so it’s not tangly. Am I brushing it too much? When and how often do you brush your hair?

    1. Hey Jo, I brush my hair (rather than comb it) everyday. But I use either a WetBrushPro or a Tangle Teaser because they ‘rip out’ less hair. It is natural to loose some hair though..

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