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I’m one of those people who uses different brushes all the time – partly because I’m fickle, partly because I just own SO MANY brushes. However, I always find myself gravitating towards the same ones. So, I thought I would share with you my favourites of the time (I also have an eyeshadow brush collection coming soon… so keep an eye out!)

B. Powder Brush | I know B are in the process of rebranding, so it really won’t be long until the packaging of this brush changes.. however, this brush is definitely one of my favourites. And, it’s weirdly one of those brushes that gets better with age – the more I wash it, the more I love it.. weird.

Real Techniques Point XL Brush | When these first came out, I really wasn’t interested. They were expensive, and I really couldn’t see what the point (ahahah) was. However, I love this brush, it’s so good at contouring because it fits perfectly into the hollows of your cheeks.

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush | Perfect. If you are into a light application of blush and are terrified of looking like a clown… try this brush! It applies blush in such a delicate way! Literally love it!

Beau Belle Contour Brush | Unfortunately you can’t buy this brush out of the Beau Belle set. However, I have used this brush daily for over a year now, and so definitely worth it. This is just such a good brush for bronzing/contouring. It’s precise enough to not look muddy, but also fluffy enough to make your application look natural.

Real Techniques Angled Highlight Brush | Love love love. I tend to use either this or the RT Setting Brush to apply highlighter. If you want a popping highlighter, then use this brush!

Revolution Paddle Brush (2nd smallest size) | A really good brush for blending out cream contour/blush/highlight. Definitely one of my favourites! The handle is a tad flexible, but it’s super affordable and you really can’t complain.

Real Techniques Point XS Brush | Another of the Pointed range. Unfortunately you can only buy this as part of the set, however the other sizes are also super useful. This is great at applying colour fairly precisely into the crease! love!

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush | If you’re lazy, and you want to apply colours fast, then this will be your best friend. It’s a fairly large, dense brush, and it just works! I actually own two of these now.. whoops!

Zoeva Luxe Crease Brush (228) | Possibly my favourite brush ever! I will never look back at buying this eyeshadow brush, it applies eyeshadow and blends eyeshadow sooooooo well!!! And it’s super soft.

Zoeva Luxe Eye Blender (225) | It you love the 228 and you want something similar, but different.. then this is your brush. Another exceptional brush, that applies and blends eyeshadow so well!

Eco Tools Precision Blending | If you want to blend eyeshadow onto the lower lash line, but you want it to be smudged out fairly precisely, then this is an amazing brush! It’s dense enough to apply shadow well, small enough to be precise, but it also blend fairly well for the lower lash line!

Real Techniques Lip Brush (not photographed) | I forgot to photograph as I forgot about it completely – whoops. However, I’ve really got into wearing liquid lipstick and applying with a lip brush for super precise application.

Beau Belle Angled Eyebrow Brush | I don’t often need an eyebrow brush, however, when I do, this one is more than perfect enough. It does the job.

Beau Belle Spoolie | I mean any spoolie will do. But this one does the job as well as any other.

What are your favourite brushes?

Katie x

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