1000 Subscribers!


It’s been a long ol’ journey, full of denial, growth, change, abandonment and basically anything you can think of. But I made it… the big 1000.

I started this blog over a year ago, posted over on Blogger for a good month and a bit, then stopped for about 8 months, then transferred it over to WordPress, posted religiously for a few months, then left it again.. it became a bit of a trend, and I was almost ready to give up. However, I thought ‘why the heck not’ and here we are again… It’s not been almost daily since June, and I couldn’t be happier.

And while in my 2 weeks of new in I hit 1000 subscribers (across Bloglovin’ and WordPress) and my traffic is growing more and more every week! I’m theoretically on 1017 now, but this is still an insane milestone, and I am so grateful for every one of you <3

Here’s to (fingers crossed) many more years, and hopefully many more of you!

Katie x

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