Handbag ‘Essentials’

Hanbag Essentials

I say ‘essentials’ because you don’t NEED to carry anything. Also, any of you who are actually paying attention to the photo, you will know this won’t all fit in that bag! BUT, if I carry a normal sized handbag, these are the products I carry round with me everywhere…

Card Holder | I scrapped using a purse nearly 3 years ago and never looked back. It’s not often you need cash, and it’s not often you need more than your bank card and your bare essential membership cards. Mine comes from Oliver Bonas, and I just love how small, compact and easy it is!

Rail Card/Oyster Card | I work in London, and commute to work, and so my rail card, and my oyster card are bare essentials to me as they get me to work…

Diary | I end up organising stuff and then forgetting I’ve organised it, and so I need a diary, and I’ve never really got on board with using my phone as a diary. So, I use the traditional pen and paper method. My diary comes from Paperchase, and I love it! Paperchase have the best stationery!

Pen | You can’t really have a diary without a pen. I have a few of these Cross biro pens from past birthdays, and while they aren’t cheap, I think they’re gorgeous and I carry them round with me everywhere!

Handcream | Don’t tend to carry this round with me in the summer, but during the colder months, handcream is an essential. And the Bodyshop do the nicest handcreams!

Lip balm | Literally the same as handcream. This one from the body shop has a really nice light tint in it that looks gorgeous!

Lipstick | This changes daily depending what lipstick I’m wearing, but I always carry my lipstick round with me to top up, and it’s the only makeup product I do take with me.

Perfume | Possibly over the top, but I love carrying fragrance with me to top up. I have fragrance at home, on my desk at work, in my bag… it’s just one of those things I love to top up.

What are your handbag essentials?

Katie x

11 thoughts on “Handbag ‘Essentials’

  1. I love your card holder its so cute, I don’t think I could make the swap to cashless just yet as marketstalls require change and certain shops have a fee to use a card so I don’t think I will do that just yet. But congratulations on making it work so well for you!

    1. Luckily because I work in London, I spend my entire life here, and everywhere in London is either accepting card or just cashless now πŸ˜› so it works for me, but I can see why it’s tough

  2. I never bring a handbag with me anywhere so I only ever have the bare essentials. Would be nice to have a few things like this with me too though

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