Day in the Life | Work Day


6.30: Alarm goes off, I groan, and snooze it way to many times before I decide to actually get up.

6.45: Typically when I get up, and I jump in the shower

7.00: Get dressed, my work dress code is smart-casual

7.05: TEA. I have a serious tea addiction, and the first tea of the day is what I look forward to most!

7.06: I do my makeup while I sip my tea and watch some YouTube videos

7.20: Make lunch and pack my bag ready to go to work

7.40: Leave for the train station

8.04: Train leaves for London Kings Cross. I tend to spend my train journeys reading my books

8.56: Train arrives in London Kings Cross and I walk (yes walk) all the way to Marylebone, which is where I work.

9.20: Arrive at work

9.30: I start work by reading emails, checking the newspapers and generally checking arts coverage in relation to our clients (I work in PR, probably should have said that)

11.00: This is where my day changes, for the rest of the day I do anything from booking flights, writing press releases, pitching events to journalists, researching things, answering emails or generally reading arts coverage across the internet .

6.00: Finish work, and head back to Kings Cross

6.42: Train leaves Kings Cross

7.30: Return back in Sandy train station

7.45: Return home, and dinner is already on the table (my younger brother is the best!)

8.00: This is when I tend to sit on my bed (or now at my desk, as my room is nearly finished), and look through my blog, my YouTube channel, and spend some time watching YouTube, and reading through other people’s blogs, and all that fun stuff.

9.30: I tend to spend 20 mins a day or so in the hottub. I know, very fancy. It’s how I wind down at the end of the day, destress, and get ready for the next day.

10.00: Get into bed, watch an episode of something easy to watch (like Big Bang Theory) and fall asleep.

Then I wake up the next day and repeat…

Katie x

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