Top 10 Beauty Launches of the Year So Far…

Top 10 launches

One thing I’m going to miss about working in Superdrug is being ahead of all the beauty launches, and when I get settled in my new job, I’ll get back on it, but at the moment, my life is a little all over the place. However, I thought I would share with you my top 10 launches of the year so far – and I feel like there have been some crackers!

N.B: I won’t massively review any of these items, because I have blog posts about most of them, which I will link with each item.

L’Oreal Blush Palette | Funny story, I basically never use this actually on my cheeks, I actually love these palettes for the eyes. The powders are super pigmented, but can be applied delicately, or more heavy, and blend like a dream – making them a great universal palette.

Max Factor Lip Lacquer | At nearly £10 each, these aren’t actually that affordable, but there is one shade in the range (Chocolate nectar) that I am OBSESSED with! I have been wearing it almost on the daily! They’re super comfortable and easy to wear and apply, and they’re surprisingly long lasting. I just love them!

L’Oreal Eye Paint | These are actually really nice because they mix with powdered eyeshadow so well! They take a little while to build up if you’re blending them into powder, but they just look so pretty and the colours are so unusual!

Max Factor Creme Bronzer | When I first saw this I instantly hated it.. then I used it, and now I love it! 1. it’s a powder, not a cream, and 2. even though it looks super shimmery in the pan, it doesn’t come out that shimmery on the face. In fact it just makes you look sunkissed. I literally love this bronzer.

L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll | One of the most hyped about mascara launches of the last few years! And that’s because it’s a really good mascara. It’s volumising, and quick, and as a lazy person when it comes to makeup, that’s great!

Collection Illuminating Touch Primer | I don’t often use this, because I tend to like a matte finish, but for those days I want to look lit from within without looking greasy, this is actually a really good primer!

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation | I have to say I’ve never tried another cushion foundation, and so I have nothing completely to compare this to. But it’s a quick, easy to apply foundation that looks super natural on the skin. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t last very long.

Revlon Colostay Cream Eyeshadow | While I’ve been without my Maybelline Colour Tattoos (they dried up), I have been loving these! They’re basically the same, and there are some gorgeous colours in there, and they blend like a dream! I would say, they’re a slightly wetter formula than the Maybelline ones, and so they last longer.

Real Techniques Pointed Brushes | I only got these recently, but I have to say, they’re really good. A great versatile collection of brushes (I own 5 of the 8 – I think there are 8.. sounds right). The point makes them great at applying eyeshadow, contour, blush and highlighter. Definitely recommend, slightly more than the average real techniques brushes, but if you’ve bought all the RT brushes you want (like me), here are some more!

Nip + Fab Liquid Lipsticks | A tad drying, but one of the longest lasting formula of liquid lipsticks I’ve ever found. Once they’re on, they ain’t going anywhere! And that’s why I love them. Plus, they come in the nicest neutral shades1

What are your favourite launches of the year so far?

Katie x

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    1. It is, there are two of them, and they’re as stunning as each other. They’re about £15, so arguably quite a lot for drugstore, but I do use them often 🙂

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