900 Followers (and I Got A Job!)!


I can’t believe the next milestone now is 1,000?! Where has the time gone? But this morning I woke up to 900 followers, and, as I share every milestone with you guys, I thought it was only fitting I share another one.

There are now 900 of us, and as I’m beginning the next ‘graduate’ chapter of my life, I feel like this has happened at the best time! Here’s to hoping we make it to 1,000 by the end of the summer! To think I started this blog nearly two years ago to document my makeup story, and after leaving it behind for nearly a year, here I am, with all of you lot!

Edit: Second bit of big news of the day! I got a job, well strictly speaking an internship, that will hopefully develop into a job, but still! I finished University less than a month ago, I graduate on the 19th, and now I have a job, my life really is just beginning. It’s been a day of good news, and I didn’t want to write a third post for today, so I just edited this one!

Thanks guys! <3

Katie x

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