My Mega Makeup Declutter


For those of you who don’t know, I finished University, and so I needed to downsize my collection to bring it home. In the two years I’d been in that house and had been working for Superdrug as a beauty consultant, it grew, exponentially, into the catastrophic mess that it was. And, not only could I have not fit that, with everything else, in the car, but my dad would have judged so hard! Whoops!

So, I downsized, and in some sections (primers and lipsticks mainly) I went harsh! There are three videos up on my YouTube channel (which are linked below), but I thought I would share with you my little tips and tricks.

  1. Look at things in sections | Looking at all your matte bronzers, or nude lipsticks, or mascaras in their own categories really shows you how excessive (or not) your collection is. It means you can compare different formulas directly with others of that type. And it just really helps.
  2. If it’s out of date, why keep it | Especially with foundations and mascaras, why keep out of date things… that’s just stupid.
  3. Do you wear it? | If you’ve had it for a year and it’s still sealed, are you really ever going to use it? Or one of those things you opened last Summer and Summer has come round again and you haven’t used it all year and you’re not going to even use it this Summer… just chuck it… like seriously.
  4. Just keep your favourites | Sounds self explanatory, but ya know.. felt like it’s still something that you need to do.
  5. Set yourself a target | I wanted to take a third out of my collection. To me that was something manageable, but still significant. And, while I didn’t do it for every section, I managed it overall, and setting myself this rough target meant I knew how much I wanted to get rid of.

And, now you know my thoughts.. here are my organisation videos.

Katie x


2 thoughts on “My Mega Makeup Declutter

  1. I love declutter posts and videos! Some great tips too – I love the idea of setting yourself a target. I find that writing down how much have of everything is always a little bit of a shocker and gets me moving to keep my collection to a minimum xxx

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